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The Last Swordsman
Author: X-Member14876 Submitted: 7th October, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 77

This game is old, made it a while ago.
It is a platformer where you play a swordsman on a quest for eternal life. The demo contains one level and on boss. Its a bit buggy i think, and the graphics arent the best, but it got out pretty well i think.
Please comment it.

The controls i think are the following:
Arrows - Move
Shift - Sword
Control - Jump

You cant jump on enemies.
Why i dont have screenshots is because that im using a library computer and a friend uploaded it for me. So i cant play the game on this computer to take screenshots. Sorry about that. ^^

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Posted by Coop 7th October, 2004

can't play it because i don't have gfres.GOX
Posted by Blackstorm 7th October, 2004

Can't play it because I don't care enough...
Posted by Coop 7th October, 2004

haha ;o
Posted by Wormware 8th October, 2004

I played it, it can use some improvements. the movement isn't perfect, acctually all can be improved. But not bad...
Posted by AndyUK 8th October, 2004

it looks a bit ugly to be honest, did you use some effect to stop it looking blocky? its pretty good to play although its almost impossible to not get hit when attacking since your sword is part of the same active object as the character.
Posted by Joshua M. 24th October, 2004

Could you at least save the game as a stand-alone file? That way you don't get trouble with extensions.





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