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The Adventures of Runom (demo)
Author: X-Member14876 Submitted: 22nd May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 60

Edited By Menardi on 5/22/2004

A small platformer i made up in half an hour. I think its kinda good, but not great... Please play it and comment it.
/Menardi =

The gameplay
Collect bubbles for score, get all red bubbles on a level to open the gate to next level.

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Posted by vortex2 22nd May, 2004

Was this made in TGF or KNP? You know TGF has scrolling which would of made this better... Err also some enemies? Mabey take a bit longer on your games next time....
Posted by 23rd May, 2004

Ehm... Im sorry, but i used frame-scrolling. (Scrolling in frames) So please dont talk about things you dont know anything about. KNP? lol... =D
Posted by Muggus 23rd May, 2004

A bit odd...especially with all of those sound effects and stuff.
Posted by vortex2 23rd May, 2004

Well KNP could do "Frame Scrolling" As well :P and becuase it doesn't have any more quality then a KNP game I had to ask ;).





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