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Lennart Viking Chapter 2
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 21st March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 258
Game of the Week Winner

Edited By Nikodemus on 4/7/2005

Sorry for the delay, and that I couldn't make the game as in the preview.
But now he is back. joNickArt Entertainment 2004's all own viking Lennnart. He is still in Finland and searching for more ingridient to the potion he is going to finish and use in the next and last chapter. Now he is looking for fungus. But not any fungus, but fungus from the evil orge which lives in Åland; the swedish talking part of Finland.
Now Lennart Viking must fight himself through a world of:
- A pretty functional custom engine
- 6 playible levels based in real finnish towns
- 4 different enemies +1 boss
- Infinite life and a shield system
- A bonus gambling level
- A secret bonus weapon
- And lots of more
Don't miss this epic adventure of Lennart Viking.

P.S: I know I wrote you would know what function the potion would have in this chapter, but I changed my mind .

Thank you for your time, and please continue visit joNickArt Entertainment Website:

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Posted by Simen 21st March, 2004

Looks pretty cool.
Posted by Cazra 21st March, 2004

Not a very good platform engine. It would help if the hammer was longer.
Posted by 21st March, 2004

this game sucks! Its so slow! And you die after one hit. And that hammer is worthless.
Posted by Hayo 21st March, 2004

"this game sucks!" that is pretty stupid language marvel hero 3. thumbs up btw :)
Posted by NovaSoft{Dynecys} 21st March, 2004

Well, graphically, it's a pretty nice game to look at! But on the negative, I'd have to agree that the movement is poor and the hammer is rather small for hitting anything accurately... Also, the game often gets frustrating with the over exaggerated bounces when you jump on an enemies head and the one hit kill is kind of annoying... All the game needs in my opinion are a few tweaks, especially increased acceleration ;)
Posted by 21st March, 2004

what should I say then, smart guy?
Posted by joelr_2000 21st March, 2004

Lennart Viking was awesome. I love his sexy body. Have my babies lennert viking
Posted by KlikFactory 21st March, 2004

I don't like it. The character takes way way too long to speed up. Why would you do this? The axe's range is too short. One hit kill sucks. It makes the game hard for the wrong reasons.
Posted by Grazzum - Scorpion E 21st March, 2004

Posted by OldSkoolGamer 21st March, 2004

The game is going in the right direction. The accelerated movement is a good idea, especially to build momentum to jump over large areas. Just add a few tweaks, add some sound effects and it'll only get better.
Posted by Hayo 22nd March, 2004

"sucks" sounds stupid in my opinion. so you leave me alone.
Posted by istvan 22nd March, 2004

The engine runs terribly. It takes ages to speed up, and the character oftens falls throught the ground. And dont get more started on those randomly falling monkeys!I love the concept, and the graphics,whilst imperfect, I can handle, but the engine is simply too buggy! I might even review this when I get time...
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 22nd March, 2004

Hey, Marvel Hero 3.0 Optimized. I just dont think its cool to say that games just "suck". At least, EXPLAIN why you think it is not so cool. But leave that stupid "that sucks" away. At least, that is, if you have an IQ of 80 or higher. If you cant leave"that sucks" away....than I just think YOU SUCK!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 22nd March, 2004

Excuse me, but you are NOT supposed to 'die' after one hit. Then he will lose his shield, and a hit after that you will 'die'. There might be some times when this system don't work, but it is absolutely not supposed to happen all the time.
Posted by Zip2kx 22nd March, 2004

lol sverige demokraterns Game
Posted by 22nd March, 2004

wtf??? Like you never say "that sucks" Its common slang. It dosent make you an idiot to say it.
Posted by Hayo 22nd March, 2004

it does when you say it about a game somebody has been working hard on. but lets stop this discussion, we are supposed to talk about the game here.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 22nd March, 2004

I second that
Posted by Dr. James MD 23rd March, 2004

not common slang to me, im trying to avoid all the american overflow in the UK :) and yea, this is a very cool game. One hit kill is good, well not good, but it does add difficulty to a game.
Posted by Imp of Hazard Games 23rd March, 2004

Didn't like it. Acceleration is awful, and the hammer leads much to desire...
Posted by Monkey Soft 24th March, 2004

You should work much more on the engine... a flawless engine is a great step towards a good game
Posted by hey hey shoe 25th March, 2004

lol gyllene tider :D well the hammer is a bit slow, and the engine could need a bit more work, especially the way he walks...
Posted by Teapot 26th March, 2004

shit engine
Posted by Zane 27th March, 2004

yes, that engien is one of the worst ive seen. why dose it take so long to speed up? and that hammer is pathetic. on the plus side though, the graphics are great. but not good enough to make up for the engien. you need to work on the gameplay alot
Posted by 29th March, 2004

The engine is really bad. Make the speed,the accelaration and the deacelaration high so it won't go like a car movement. And also the axe is a bit stupid:P
Posted by 4th April, 2004

game of the week? This game sucks! I deleted it 5 minutes after I downloaded it.
Posted by AfterStar 6th April, 2004

I'm suprised this won the GOTW as you are Marvel! The hero is very very very slow and the axe is EXTREMELY small! Anyway,the game was very easy,except the last boss,at which at got really bored BECAUSE i was falling in the lava all the time BECAUSE of the extremely slow acceleration speed!!!
Posted by Nick of All Trades 6th April, 2004

Okay, here is what to do: 1. "The acceleration is too slow"- you don't need to accelerate. I added a special move (bug?) which make you speed up by standing still. Hold down both arrow keys at the same time for a while, and then just hold down the arrow key to that direction where you want to go. 2. "The hammer is pathetic"- In one of the levels you should be able to find a hidden weapon which is supposed to be slightly better: It's just for the level, though. 3. "One hit dead sucks"- the character is, as earlier mentioned, not supposed to die after the first hit. In some cases there might be an error of this, but it is not supposed to happen all the time. Besides, I though infinite life would cover that in the first place.
Posted by The Green Stranger 23rd June, 2004

What can I say... It's not good nor bad, it's ok. 5.4/10





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