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Lennart Viking Chapter 1
Author: Nick of All Trades Submitted: 29th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 165

A small but funny plattform game. You play the role as the big, strong, barbaric, reckless, greedy and, we can't forget, swedish viking. He is about to create an evil witchbrew. What for? You will know it in the end of the next chapter. Anyway, one of the ingredients is in Finland: Blood from the terrible, green, finnish gecko- dragon wich lives deep in the catacombs of Finland. Well, if you want to test it, just download it.

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Posted by Partack 29th December, 2002

... and you mad ethis yourselfe? =D ... umm the viking movement kinda got annoying.. his acceleration sux.. IMPROVE IT OR I'LL BEAT U WITH A STICK =)
Posted by Nick of All Trades 29th December, 2002

In the next Chapter, the movement will be better
Posted by 29th December, 2002

jaahas tasko suomesta???
Posted by 29th December, 2002

voi vittu ruotsista voi saatyana jumalauta perkele ääääk vittu
Posted by janne valtonen 29th December, 2002

Rasistiko siinä ollaan? PUHU ENGLANTIA
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 29th December, 2002

what what??!
Posted by Prototailz 30th December, 2002

Ei suomalaiset tollaisia pelejä tee! Ja jos sen olisi tehnyt suomalainen, siinä olisi pitänyt TAPPAA niitä viikinkejä.
Posted by Adam Dobay 30th December, 2002

You should have improved it a bit before releasing it. Like layer placement, some soldiers walk in front of the tree in front of them while you go behind it. And practically, I couldn't play the game for more than 10 seconds because I always got dead for some reason. But I like the fact that the graphics are hand-made and cartoony.
Posted by DaveC 30th December, 2002

This game sucks almost as much as you do. If it werent for the viking's i'd say it might suck more...
Posted by Gus Stevenson 30th December, 2002

Why does this kid get so much abuse? He's obviously experimenting and trying to learn, but I see very few people actually posting anything constructive. As for your game, try not to use installers. It's really annoying to have to install these games after I've already taken the time to download them. Just use the .exe instead. Also, the Viking's acceleration is annoyingly slow. In fact, painfully slow. And there are also some layering issues. Finally, be sure to take the time to polish up your games as much as you can before submitting them. If you have specific problems, be sure to ask either on your game's message board or in the forum.
Posted by Alexander 3rd January, 2003

Du vet väl att det här spelet sug nå jävulskt?





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