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Egg Bomb: Eggstreme
Author: RapidFlash Submitted: 25th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 173

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Remember that Egg Bomb minigame from Air Pop Neo!? The one where you collect the eggs in order while avoiding the baddies that showed up? Well, it's back! Egg Bomb: Eggstreme features the original mode plus eleven other modes that you can mix up to suit your own needs. There's also cheat codes, high scores, taunts, and multiplayer action. It even shows you you're last score.

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Posted by Muggus 27th December, 2003

Looks eggcelent! XD
Posted by Buster 28th December, 2003

Looks eggriffic! X)... okay. maybe I need a few more lessons from muggus.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 28th December, 2003

oh past "artist"-name was DJ EGGBOMB!!
Posted by matrixkitty 28th December, 2003

this game is eggslposive! haha what do you get when you mix a chicken withe gunpowder? .....greneggs! haha err umm good game 8/10
Posted by RapidFlash 29th December, 2003

The first three who downloaded this will have an unnecessary counter in Catch the Egg mode. There's no patch for this because it's relatively unimportant and only a few people have downloaded it. And, er... thanks for the comments.
Posted by Cazra 3rd January, 2004

cool. I don't get the egg catch thing. It only shows 2 guys that will shoot lasers.
Posted by The Gonz 3rd January, 2004

How can you tell it's bedtime at Michael Jackson's house? The big hand is on the little hand. (cue rimshot)
Posted by Ashman 4th January, 2004

Buster has egg on his face...
Posted by RapidFlash 4th January, 2004

Catch the Egg needs two players. One player is the, uh... white thing with the beanie on top, the other is the egg. The second player tries to avoid being caught by the white thing. The white thing has to be higher than the egg to catch it, however. It only shows 2 guys that will shoot lasers. Eh? Are you talking about the Egg Bomb: Wave?
Posted by RapidFlash 4th January, 2004

And here's a cheat for you: During gameplay, type either "USE" or "APN" (they are different cheats). There's still more cheats than that, so here's a hint: On the select game screen, there's a cheat that uses a combination of arrow keys and shift. It is 6 buttons overall. If it's incorrect, press backspace a couple times and try a different combination.
Posted by RapidFlash 4th January, 2004

Just to add, a patch may come soon that will fix the "APN" cheat and also have you able to make a custom mode. I'm just going to need Chris Och's permission to see if I can release the source.
Posted by Strife 5th January, 2004

Hmmm... this game looks quite intersting. Will it be egg-citing? Or will I race towards the egg-xit in horror? I'll tell you after I download it. ;) Gonz: LOL! LOL! LO-LO-LOL! R.O.T.F.L... :D
Posted by Strife 5th January, 2004

Very interesting... By the way, how do you switch modes?
Posted by RapidFlash 6th January, 2004

Click on the names of the modes in the selection screen. You'll know it's selected because it turns white.
Posted by Strife 7th January, 2004

Oh, I see now... Hey hey, I got another MJ joke. :D What do Michael Jackson and Wal-Mart have in common? They both have pants 1/2 off! (cue rimshot?)
Posted by RapidFlash 7th January, 2004

Patch! (Right click and do Save Target As)
Posted by RapidFlash 8th August, 2004

If you're downloading from here on out you don't need to download the patch.
Posted by Hempuli 28th September, 2005

This playing with egg- is annoying(but great!) :D This is nice game. really. But why the character doesnt have any lEGGS? :D:D:D That was really stupid joke :(






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