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DR Punch Special Move Engine
Author: RapidFlash Submitted: 5th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 359

A basic fighting engine that allows a combination of buttons (like down, up, punch) to create a special move. Must have MMF, no extensions required.

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Posted by Jason Orme 6th November, 2002

DAMMIT! Link dont work!
Posted by Shen 6th November, 2002

Type it.
Posted by Jason Orme 6th November, 2002

carnt seem to do any fighting at all
Posted by RapidFlash 6th November, 2002

It's just to show how to do special moves.
Posted by HardshouldeR 7th November, 2002

I'd really like to read this, shame the link is broken
Posted by oni 7th November, 2002

Click the link, wait for the page, erase the two last signs in the addressbar. //ONI
Posted by -Deleted Member- 10th November, 2002

Posted by RapidFlash 13th November, 2002

Good news, TGFers! I've made one for TGF with ORIGINAL GRAPHICS! It could be here in a couple of days.
Posted by RapidFlash 5th March, 2005

If you're looking for a fighting game tutorial, then I don't recommend that you download this one, since it is pretty buggy and limited. Just wait for a long, long time when I finally get around to finishing up my new and improved fighting engine.
Posted by DaVince 12th April, 2007

No gimme.





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