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Astro Ghost 2
Author: RapidFlash Submitted: 12th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 280

Edited By RapidFlash on 7/21/2003

Astro Ghost 2 is the latest big project from RapidFlash Productions, and is the last true Alebrain game. You play as Astro Ghost, a hero-for-hire who has to rescue three of his kidnapped buddies. With over 20 levels of platformer gameplay, a music selection system, lots of fun and a whole lot of cheats, this is one game you don't want to miss.
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Posted by Seb Tittley 13th July, 2003

I really like this game! Its simple but I like it dunno why lol but the only thing that I dont enjow is the platform engine , some time I cant jump right or left so I just fall down the platform and have to star all over anyway the graphics are not the best but there still over the average of a lots of peoples. Just try to improve the platform movement and the graphics a little and that would make this game a great game. So anyway thats it for me , continue your good work.
Posted by Blargh 13th July, 2003

looks ok downloading...
Posted by RapidFlash 13th July, 2003

Thanks, Seb. Just to tell you, it is the regular platform movement engine (I started this eight months ago, when I didn't know how to do custom movements). It's not exactly the regular one though because it disables wall jumping and other bugs.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 13th July, 2003

Rapid, did you use a detector object to sole the platform problems?
Posted by RapidFlash 13th July, 2003

Yep, though there is a problem in one specific spot (for some odd reason). Seb: I think I know what you're talking about. Keep pressing the jump button and the direction you want to jump. You'll eventually jump out.
Posted by Seb Tittley 13th July, 2003

Yeah I figured that out after playing a couple levels...but damn still didnt beat the game yet lol
Posted by RapidFlash 13th July, 2003

Well, I guess my next update on this game would be to fix the engine. What exact problems do arise from my useage of this engine? Another thing: I think it does tell you, but when you're over a safe, press enter to open it and receive its item.
Posted by RapidFlash 13th July, 2003

Oh, I should add, you have to ride with the Basketheadz. the normal moving platform technique didn't work with this game.
Posted by Blargh 14th July, 2003

Tjos game is really good, I like playing it. The first boss is a bit hard but you know, that's challenge for you. Keep up the good work. :D
Posted by RapidFlash 14th July, 2003

Thanks for the comments, Akira. I posted a question for how to do 2, and the custom platform movement I'm trying to make (going slowly since I haven't been using detectors) should get rid of 3 and 4. 1: I'll try to do that. I guess you're right because he does get a boost from his jetpack.
Posted by RapidFlash 14th July, 2003

I think there's only one or two levels with any invisible platforms. Anywho, I could try to add more clues.
Posted by RapidFlash 14th July, 2003

GOOD NEWS! The movement works (with a couple bugs), and I'm reworking this game to include it. The newer version will also have you go with the basketheadz (no strained animation though, sorry), get rid of problem 4, and make a cooler looking drop-thru. My question: should I delete this version and release later with the new movement?
Posted by RapidFlash 15th July, 2003

Just to tell you who thought otherwise (if there are any): this over 20 stages (18 regular, 3 bosses).
Posted by RapidFlash 15th July, 2003

NOTE: EVERYONE WHO DOWNLOADED THIS BEFORE SHOULD REDOWNLOAD! YOU MAY HAVE SKIPPED 10 levels. Q:How do I know if I did? A: If you didn't face the boss on a flying thing with spikes sticking out (or if after EVILI you went to a green stage).
Posted by RapidFlash 25th July, 2003

Er, thanks, JD. I'm on level 1-3 in fixing the engine. So far you follow with basketheads, go through the black box with all the stats, jumps slightly different (may be hard to notice). New version will probably be out in a few months.





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