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Space Attackers
Author: Teapot Submitted: 29th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 85

Edited By Damien M on 11/30/2003

Very retro arcade game. Similar to space invaders but also different. Do not play if you are very sensitive to seizures(that may or may not be true, i havent tested it with epileptic guinea pigs).

No screenies yet, but expect very retro!

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Posted by Deathbringer 30th November, 2003

"i havent tested it" You WHAT?
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 30th November, 2003

haha, he haven't tested his own game?
Posted by Galaxy613 30th November, 2003

thats something you DO NOT put in your discription ;)
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 30th November, 2003

I think he means he didn't go out into the street asking everyone if they're epilectic, then take a guy who said he was, put him in front of the game and make him play at gunpoint, taking notes whether the guy has any fits or not.
Posted by Teapot 30th November, 2003

so how about the game, comments good or bad?
Posted by Teapot 30th November, 2003

please read the updated description
Posted by Teapot 1st December, 2003

yea wong chung's review is pretty7 true but i actually found it enjoyable, maybe just me... took me all of 20mins to make
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 2nd December, 2003

It's a decent "quick" program - not absolutely terrible, but not great either.
Posted by Dreamsurfer 22nd December, 2003

I kinda like the concept, and I had a lot of fun with the free shoot. The squirrel hunt is a bit too strict cause if you miss, you are immediately kicked back to the menu. Maybe you could give the player like 30 bullets and see how much he can hit. The idea is good tho, Damien... compliments to you, chap. ;-)
Posted by Teapot 30th December, 2003

hmm dreamsurfer history teacher guy, ur talking about creek hunter, wrong game but thanks anyway!
Posted by Dreamsurfer 4th January, 2004

What the heck.... I was playing the Creek Hunter game, how did I end up in here?! Hmmm, now you made me download that other game too. :P Anyways... I must say I liked Creek Hunter better than Space Attackers. I'm not in favor of flashing colors, and I think the game is way too easy to play. Normally, when I first play a game, I expect to die at least a couple of times before I make it through the first level. You should really make it more challenging. Furthermore, this concept has been done sooo many times already. It would be interesting if you'd add a few twists to it (why not let those aliens attack Candy Planet and you have to prevent them from destroying your ice creams or something?). Finally, try to have everything in one game... I mean: it kinda sucks if you have to switch from one Window to another all the time. And stay the heck away from my Start Menu with your installer! ;) Sorry chap, I have to send you back to the drawing board. ;)
Posted by Gerwin Kramer 15th July, 2005

tsk tsk read u meany's! Of course he tested his game. So HAHAHA to those who laughed at him. He said he hasent tested it on ''epelectic genuinea pigs'' witch whas of course, a joke.





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