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Hunted(new host!!!)
Author: Teapot Submitted: 14th August, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 258

Edited By Teapot F.K.A Damien M on 8/22/2004

Edited By Teapot F.K.A Damien M on 8/16/2004

Edited By Teapot F.K.A Damien M on 8/14/2004

This is an early demo of my upcoming shooter: Hunter. I am releasing this to see what people think of the main game dynamics and stuff. This is sort-of like an engine test although I am not looking for bugs (I know them all).

The controls are as follows:

Hold Shift: Lock-on (very important!!!)
Control: Shoot
Arrow Keys: Move

The lock-on system is something I haven't seen in a click game before. This 'level' is not from the full version, neither are the stupid counters.

Apology: Te annoying laser sound will not be in the full version!

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 15th August, 2004

pretty good, very fast though. Also, I think you ran out of actives at the end, as my gun stopped shooting bullets, but the counter kept going.
Posted by Muggus 15th August, 2004

So very very dark.
Posted by Teapot 15th August, 2004

@Shab: Im sure that's not the reason, but yeah I noticed that bug. All the bullets are destroyed when they hit the window, so I'm in the dark as far as that goes. @Muggus: Yes it is dark, and that's the way it should be.
Posted by thewreck 16th August, 2004

ok. i played the demo, evaluted it and made a little list with suggestions for the full 'engine' * when u lock on to an enemy, dont attach the camera to it. generally, it just confuses the players, and takes alot of the sense of control away from the game. if this was done to give the player an idea of which enemy it has targeted, add a target symbol, or draw a line between the player and the enemy or summin. * mayby you spent alot of time into making the movement so dodgy, like it feels like he is accually taking steps, now i dont know if this is because of bad camera coding, or because of advanced movementcoding, either way, get rid of it, and make him either move smoother, or make the camera be not so jumpy when following the guy. * also, sometimes eventhough, i personally, just held shift in all the time, some people might not wanna do that. and because right now, there is no indication whenether or not you can lock on to an enemy, a target symbol or something, which indicates which enemy, if any, would currently be locked on to, if shift was held. so that u know what will happend when u press shift. (adding to the sense of control) * The ammo system, hmm, well. if you time your presses nicely, by keeping the ammo somewhere around the bottom of the bar all the time, you can fire off a nice consistent stream of shots. i dont know if this is intended, but somehow i got the feeling you wanted the gun to fire in bursts? am i right? Cause if thats what u want, just make sure you cant start shooting until the meeter is all full again. * this last one is more a content suggestion: you have got to add a direct hit weapon in this game! thats all for now, cherio
Posted by Assault Andy 17th August, 2004

The Lock-On doesn't work very well. It needs tweaking. If you walk away too far it disconnects (although I think this is intentional) and when you kill someone with lock-on you have to press the button again, and the camera is moving everywhere, and it gets really annoying. Great GFX though.
Posted by Teapot 18th August, 2004

The Wreck: Thanks, I'll make the changes. Also, the weapon is supposed to be able to do that.
Posted by Xiao 20th November, 2005

The link is broken, please fix it. KTHXBAI.





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