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2-bit Shootout
Author: Teapot Submitted: 27th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 74

Edited By Teapot F.K.A Damien M on 8/8/2004

Edited By Teapot F.K.A Damien M on 7/28/2004

2-bit Shootout is another one of my short development games. My last, admittedly bad, short-game Pull-Back cars received some advice. That I should spend more time on my games. And to show I am open-minded, I have. I have spent an extra whopping 5 minutes on this. So this is the result of 20 minutes.

It is like a side-on space invaders, but not really. Very challenging, involves nazi killing, what more could a sexy walrus want?

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Posted by Keatonian 28th July, 2004

Sexy walrus? do you know my secrets... Nobody gets in here, man! *Pokes head with finger and looks angry*
Posted by Keatonian 28th July, 2004

Hmmm... having a bit of trouble dowloading it...
Posted by Teapot 29th July, 2004

Fixed that. Someone download this you stinky bastard!
Posted by Yuhkaz 31st July, 2004

This is sad.
Posted by 1st August, 2004

"my son Jay" Phew ! whatta ??? - Is it made by your son or... ?
Posted by Teapot 8th August, 2004

LOL I have no son. I'm 14. It was just a bit of me being stupid.





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