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Review: Space Attackers
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 01/12/2003

Another day, another installer. I'll reiterate: Don't use the Click installer, it's the worst feature of TGF by far, and it just takes time to run the thing and then clear all the files that Windows inveriably leaves on your hard drive off later.

Right. The game's title screen is absolutely hideous - the title is spelled out using resized, stretched System fonts that flash in a coma-inducing way. It looks like the kind of thing that you'd expect from a schools program on the BBC Micro computer. Of course, it's meant to look retro, but is it really necessary?

The help screen isn't much better, the layout of it looks rather haphazard (especially the aliens). Still, never mind. After a brief glimpse of your desktop, it's on to the game itself.

As you would no doubt expect from a game called "Space Attackers", the game is a version of Space Invaders, but this is far simpler. There's a row of skulls, some vague orange blobs and some vague purple blobs. You have to hammer the Fire key to fire (as you might have guessed), and avoid the shots they rain down on to you until you've cleared them all, and the whole blasted thing starts again.

I appreciate this is trying to be "retro" and therefore has to be kept simple, but there's such a thing as oversimplification, unless I just made that word up. There isn't even such a thing as a high score to beat in this game - you just have to keep going until you die (or quit), with nothing to show for how far you got. Nothing - it's always the same thing over and over again.

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