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HTML Forge 1.4
Author: Andos Submitted: 20th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Application Downloads: 86

HTML Forge 1.4 is now released and is better than ever!
Here is a full feature list:

Sweet new editing extras:
Doubble click a hex color and you get a nice dialog box to change it.
Tabbing - easy organize the html. This neat feature remembers the last lines tabbed state.
Select text and press tab, inserts a tab character in all lines.
Option to invert the tabbing state of the selected text.

Neat other new features:
Some new icons in the toolbar
New, Open and Save is now available in the ToolMenu
Create custom scroolbars with a preview
FTP upload - directly upload your open site to your FTP server.

Other fixes:
Fixed a bug in the add text dialog. Now
Some crash fixes and some minor wierd bugs found here and there
Fixed a bug when saving as aother format than .html causing to save a blah.txt.html
Changed the font to 'Courier New'

All the other features:
Insert text as if it was written in word. You easily type in text and make it bold, italic, underlined, centered and so on as in Word. HTML Forge then genereates the html and linebreaks.
Support for Meta tags.
CSS support. (Insert links to CSS and easy insert classes in existing html tags)
Insert bookmarks
When you insert link you can now also choose wich bookmark it should scrool to.
Write a tooltip text for you images. (I know i forgot this in the first version)
Hotkeys! Insert your most used tags with ctrl + a number.
Select text and make it bold, Italic and Underlines with one click
Align the text in more ways
Quick < br> tags
set the font easily by a userfriendly dialog
Insert a hex color outside of tags for various reasons
insert pictures, links and tables with easy dialogs

Page setup (edit the contents of the < body> tag) with a wizard
Nice right click menu with fast insert < br> tag.
Best of all: Live preview from inside HTML Forge. (I will soon add an option to open the preview file in new window with the default browser.)

There are other features not listed here.
Known bugs:
Undo/Redo only works sometimes because of the syntax coloring. Custom Undo/Redo system soon.

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Posted by Pete Nattress 21st July, 2003

another one? this is also cool, i like the custom scrollbars feature. nice job.
Posted by Andos 21st July, 2003

Well if a program aren't updated, noone would use it :P
Posted by Jenswa 21st July, 2003

Nice one!
Posted by Galaxy613 22nd July, 2003

WOW this is good! I thought it was one of those stinky webpage makers that where flying around DC earier!
Posted by Hplkopra 23rd July, 2003

Great app! I think I'll use this making my new homepages. Thumbs up!
Posted by Villy 23rd July, 2003

Great, Didnt like the tool bar.. On qustion how did you do the auto coloring of the tags?
Posted by Andos 23rd July, 2003

Easy :D Just color when the user presses enter or types in a "<" or ">" :) In later versions the toolbox can be changed to a menu bar so you can choose what you like the best.
Posted by Villy 23rd July, 2003

Thank you :)
Posted by gizmo 8th August, 2003

Great work andos, keep the new versions coming! :D
Posted by Andos 12th August, 2003

Don't worry. I accidently deleted v1.4 from my server. I don't have v1.4 any longer because 1.5 is released soon, so you don't have to wait. You can expect a MDI (multiple document interface) so you can open multiple documents at the same time...






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