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Parallaxer object
Author: Andos Submitted: 22nd June, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 202
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The Parallaxer object allows you to create Pseudo-3D like environments by parallax-scrolling each line in an image you create. This object is highly speed optimized so you can easily create full screen effects while maintaining a good frame-rate. You can easily attach objects to the parallax effect and the objects will move as if they were placed inside your effect as you scroll around. You can also animate the effect.

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Posted by JustinC 22nd June, 2008
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Couple things. . . being able to move forward and back would be awesome. Besides just side to side. Also if you could have collisions with the paralax object not count if it's on an invisible section. Such as on the smiley, you could move around inside the eyes or mouth. Right now it's more of a graphical enhancement but I can see this being much more.

Same goes for your perspective object. If you could somehow add rotation and negative scaling to it it'd blow away the mode 7 object.
Posted by Andos 1st July, 2008

How would you describe the moving forward/backward would work?
Posted by moren11 23rd October, 2008

examples? D:
Posted by Solgryn 11th February, 2009

LOL game of the week HAHAA
Posted by Ski 9th March, 2009
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Awesome stuff





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