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Review: HTML Forge 1.4
Author: DEC Stuff
Added: 22/07/2003

HTML Forge is actually quite good. It's no frontpage, sure, but it's really good especially since it's free! It also has a lot of things Frontpage, or other HTML editors don't have. I'll go over the entire program now.

The program itself is very easy to use, if you know what your doing. Thats why I think Andosmedia should include a help file. It does, however, include tooltips.

Now, if you know what your doing it's very helpful. It includes all your basic HTML stuff such as Bold, Italic, underline, setting the font, color, size, and location of text. You can also create tables, but only to a certain size. If you want to make them larger, you can't without manually going through the text.

It also supports images, meta tags, color settings, inserting links, hotkeys, page setup, stylesheets, and scrollbar colors. These are all very good things, but heres what it lacks, and heres what I think is wrong:

The scrollbar feature is nice, but you could extend this whole idea. Why not make a "scripts" area, and allow people to insert basic customizable scripts as well as advanced stuff(but that wouldn't have to be customizable). It would also be cool if it had a tool for inserting vitalize applications, or active X.

Andos Media is currently making a tool you can use to duplicate the appearence of the events editor in MMF. Why not add that in?

Under scripts it would be cool if you had scripts for making contact with cellphones. For example, every T-mobile cellphone has an email that goes along with it. It is YOUR When you send something to this, it will popup on your phone. With a little research you could make your own "scripts" and put'em in. It's just a simple customizable script I guess.

Lastly, I have a problem with the preview and editor buttons. I think they should be in the tools part(with the rest of the stuff), not the toolbar. It flickers sometimes, and is not the kind of thing you usually see. However, it's still ok

Overall, it's pretty good, with some refining, I will give it a 10.

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