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Egghead! Demo
Author: »xerus Submitted: 7th May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 323

Well, here is my masterpeice. This is a game that I'm actually proud of, so please dont rip it apart . I did this last summer, but never really found the inspiration to finish it. I did it all the way up to the first boss, and then I ended my production on it. I never really figured out what to do with the whole "eggs" thing, I couldnt decide on what to use them for, because theres not a whole lot you can.


You play the role as Egghead (No relation to the other egghead on this website...) who has recently been in a crazy dream (....long story) and in this dream he did battle with his evil brother. This evil brother of his wants to use this machine to take over the world (You knew it was coming.) So Egghead sets off on his quest to find his evil brother, and ultimately stop him and his dream controlling machine...

Ive seen some pretty wierd bugs in this game that have only happened once, so if you encounter any wierd bugs... feel free to submit them because maybe someday, I will continue work on this.

If you read all this, thank you, if you didnt... you should be downloading this by now.

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Posted by Galaxy613 8th May, 2003

looks sweet :D me download
Posted by Galaxy613 8th May, 2003

OMG!!! THIS IS GREAT! I mean that sweet menu and the intro :D to bad I keep on dieing... and what do you mean "because maybe someday, I will continue work on this..." CONINUE NOW
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 8th May, 2003

hmm is this good...
Posted by 8th May, 2003

=D I agree
Posted by pr0 8th May, 2003

really good game.
Posted by »xerus 8th May, 2003

Thanks for all the positive comments ^_^
Posted by matrixkitty 8th May, 2003

Posted by AsparagusTrevor 8th May, 2003

Shit, this is really nice. Very professional. I'll write a review some time when I'm sober.
Posted by CYS 9th May, 2003

sweet! downloading...
Posted by CYS 9th May, 2003

Wee...woah... this game boost me to continue my game. weeeee...
Posted by jast 9th May, 2003

I can't play this game. See, I got two monitors here and since you can't move the window, the whole thing is divided into two parts for me (one on the left monitor, one on the right one). I know that's probably a problem most peeople won't have, but as well it shouldn't be a big problem to let the whole thing being run in a normal window...
Posted by Smeggy 9th May, 2003

great XD
Posted by Jason Orme 9th May, 2003

Hey this is great! Unfortunatly, i pressed ESC on the boss trying to skip the cutscene, and it sent me to the main menu
Posted by The Chris Street 9th May, 2003

Um, hate to dampen this parade, but I don't think it was that great. The levels were too long and not really well designed. And the standard platform engine appears again. Nothing wrong with that, apart from the usual bugs (ie, trying to jump right by a small wall and end up jumping up instead), but the game just seems so bland and uninspired. Sorry, I don't really like this that much.
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 9th May, 2003

Yes it was good! But that mushroomboss is impossible..
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 9th May, 2003

grrr egghead took my game Rayman power´s plaze on the top 10 popular platformer-games..
Posted by Hayo 9th May, 2003

well i think the graphics are great, but the gameplay doesn't do it for me. (it is running a bit slow on my computer when scrolling)
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 9th May, 2003

Reviewed. (I've always wanted to say that... XD )
Posted by »xerus 9th May, 2003

OMG IAN U SUK YOU HAVE ME A 6! Just kidding... lol, I know not everyone is going to like this, but im glad that its gotten some attention, I've never really gotten much attention for my games, and I suppose thats why I never really completed one. Thanks for the review, and all the comments. I know the levels are long, I guess people dont like lengthly levels like I do ^_^; Oh well, I dont think Ill continue this or make a new project until I can get my hands of MMF, where I can do more stuff. Or maybe someday ill learn an actual programming language... lol.
Posted by »xerus 9th May, 2003

By the way if you guys think the levels are too long... the boss password is "FIGHTBOSSONE" with no quotes =P
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 9th May, 2003

Long levels aren't bad, but you should have starting points about halfway through them so people don't have to go through the whole thing again. And I like the game, but it does have flaws, and I was just pointing them out to you so you can improve and make better games. :D
Posted by rage 10th May, 2003

by looking at it i thaught it was stupid kids type game but by playing it, it was excelent!
Posted by Thores 16th May, 2003

Holy crap, Xerus. I remember when you were just Shades at SmileyPro, dishing out good but goofy little games, and now this masterpiece. Wow, I'm quite impressed. And that Mushroom guy is super hard. Ergh. >_<
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 18th July, 2003

Hey...this is pretty good...The levels are extreamly long though...Okay Graphics...I like it! Continue it!
Posted by Keatonian 30th August, 2003

Some of the Music and Sound is taken from RPGMaker2000 Also, The Long Stages have no way to restart anywhere but the beggining, thus making them annoying. The Graphics are good, but gameplay is kind of lacking. Suggestions: Throw in a custom movement, make the punch go further, and make continue points or split the levels into pieces. Oh, and don't steal music.
Posted by Keatonian 30th August, 2003

Oh! Almost forgot. Get rid of those obnoxious jumping noises! Make it a soft "pup" noise or something.
Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 7th January, 2004

Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 7th January, 2004

Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 7th January, 2004

Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 7th January, 2004

Posted by Codemonkey 29th September, 2008







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