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everyone loves active2
Author: »xerus Submitted: 31st May, 2008 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 225


everyone loves active2 is an arena shooter type game developed for a competition. The game paints the background image based on what you enter for a random seed at the beginning, as well as interactions from the enemies and your bullets, among other things. The game is laggy as hell on slower computers because thats just how I make things I guess. Low graphic mode should work okay for most systems though, where as high graphic mode may be chugging at 30 frames per second.

The music is by Alec Holowka who is awesome. Go play Aquaria.

The game features my first attempt at a high score table, and there may be a random crash with the livereceiver for some reason, sorry! =(

The game is hard, and its hard to see whats going on until you get used to the game, but really thats part of the challenge! I hope you enjoy, thanks ;D

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Posted by Codemonkey 2nd June, 2008
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The effects in this game are awesome! What extensions did you use to do the background?
Posted by Mr JackFaise 2nd June, 2008
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Posted by erghhhhx 2nd June, 2008
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Psychodelic shit, man...

Fun game, but it didnt take long before it started to hurt my eyes! x)

Posted by Cecilectomy 2nd June, 2008
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reminds me of ad nauseum's art style

only thing i didnt like was the slow movement and i seemed to just die sometimes. i couldnt even tell what hit me. i swear i was no were near an enemy or projectile and i just blew up.

quite impressive
Posted by Ski 2nd June, 2008

"The music is by Alec Holowka who is awesome. Go play Aquaria. "

I did and I don't remember the music Gave up fast because it was full of cliché crap
Posted by »xerus 2nd June, 2008

"The effects in this game are awesome! What extensions did you use to do the background?"

For the crazy weird effects its 3 overlay redux objects, and they just paste into each other to get some bizarre effects.

Its a little slow on older computers... or all computers. I dont know how long I can keep using MMF when I want to do elaborate games (visually) like this.

I dont think theres any condition in the game that would make you just explode for no reason... hmm. Maybe a bullet just got caught up with all the crazy colors.

Posted by Retrever 2nd June, 2008

I can't open the files.
Posted by Impresario 3rd June, 2008
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It's beautiful, very lucid feeling. Controls are solid, over all an excellent shooter.

Little tough to play with everything going on but wonderful none the less.
Posted by Neuro 3rd June, 2008
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Sweet little experience. The heart enemies made me laugh Very cool. Neat package that I'll probably keep on my harddrive, too.
Posted by »xerus 3rd June, 2008

Thanks for the feedback
Posted by Codemonkey 5th June, 2008
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The hearts made me cry. ;_;
Posted by Fish20 6th June, 2008
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I really like the effects in this game.
Either you used an extension or drew the background stuff yourself frame by frame.

The game was good too.
Posted by alastair john jack 10th June, 2008

Lol Adam, controversy!
Posted by »xerus 10th June, 2008

That's our Adam.
Posted by MBK 17th June, 2008

I can't open the file either, because it uses extensions or something. It's a shame too, cause it's made by one of my favorite klikers, xerus, I don't know him well or anything, just that he has some serious game development skillz.

I'm still debating on whether to get MMF2 Dev or to get a good quality 3D development system ... there's actually a few nice looking one's cheaper than MMF2 Dev. Can TGF2 use all the extensions that MMF2 Dev does ? .. If so, I could get that for now, until I decide about Developer or something 3D.

Will the Developer Demo work with extensions ?
If you read this xerus, could you post what's needed with the game, or make an .exe ? --- if demo can't use the extensions I mean. ---

Posted by »xerus 18th June, 2008

Try downloading this:





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