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Dux Duck (Full)
Author: >NzR< Submitted: 2nd March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 347

It's finally here!..

..But! It has not final boss.. I'm not good enough to make one..

For those who doesn't know what's Dux Duck, it's a platform game and you control a duck who's called Dux..
You hav'ta get through all the levels and get back home..
Graphics look funny, and it's funny anyway!
I've fixed most of the bugs! (I couldn't find any)

Move with left & right arrows and jump with shift.

I might make Dux Duck 2, but i'm not sure!
It will have much more mini-games...
Ok.. Enough talkin', so right-click the link and start playing!!

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Posted by Galaxy613 2nd March, 2003

Hey the bowes look better :)
Posted by Matt 2nd March, 2003

Fun Game! The GFX are wierd...
Posted by Anya 2nd March, 2003

Reviewed. This is my first ever review so I hope it's okay...
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 4th March, 2003

hmmm not much of an improvement im afraid ill be kind and wont give it the review treatment.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 4th March, 2003

Ok sorry I couldnt help myself I was bored and decided to speak my mind.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 4th March, 2003

man im becoming a right asshole recently
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 5th March, 2003

Ok I managed to get to the end and it does improve a bit so id give it a 4 maybe a 5 if I could be bothered to review it again
Posted by >NzR< 6th March, 2003

Thanks blueemu! Well.. Everybody doesn't like everything..






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