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Review: Dux Duck (Full)
Author: blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 04/03/2003

Ok First off if im going to point out the things wrong with the game and then being the helpfull chappy I am give you a few pointers to improve it at the end.

Dear dear dear you people will vote for anything wont you. Yes The award winning Dux Duck returns once again for another round of poorly animated goosestepping adventures and yes you can run for your lives now.

The gamplay is what you would expect from your average sub mario wannabe. Run around, jump over pixel perfect platform after platform after platform after platform after.......(nods off).
Add to this some pointless diamond collecting, Jumping onto crates that just disapear and If you really lucky taking on some poorly animated mushroom creature thingy you have the ingredents for a pretty shody game.

Graphicly this game is no prince charming But to be fair the graphics are more functional than delibratly there to poke both your eyes out.
The character design is pretty nasty and I can't help but think Dux Duck himself was crammed down a drainpipe (now theres somthing id like to do)
The animation is very staic but in someways makes the game unintentonly funny.
Dux Duck Does some crazy kind of Goosestep whilst his enemies (or is it just enemy I only saw one) seem to suffer from some dreadfull vibrating foot diesase.
But hey maybe graphics are not the developers strong point (along with coding).

The midi music is an aqquired taste. Ok I surpose it does continue throughout the game (even when you restart) But hey it still anoying as Hell.
The sound effects do the job You get you usual squeeks and quacks but theres hardly anything on offer.

Im afraid I didnt get very far mainly because I cot fed up with jumping over tedious platforms again and again but if you can really bare it (which means your either incredibly brave or suicidal or both) then Im sure Dux duck will offer you hours of entertainment
(please note sarcasim)

So What can Save Dux Duck From The firey Pits of hell well heres a few of my suggestions

A) Ok Its alright if your not to hot with your graphics but i would suggest that you get someone else to do them for you (along with the animations) im sure plenty of people will help you out if you posted somthing on the boards Hell id even give you hand.

B)But a little bit more variety in there the levels all look and play the same lets face it jumping across identical platforms is tedious.
Give dux Duck some power ups (or perhaps a semi automatic weapon) put more enemies in and add some puzzles and traps anything to stop my brain from going into a bordem induced coma.

C) Give it a story.The game really needs some goal like saving his missius

D) Play shima brothers, any proper mario game, sonic or any platformer in the last 10 years and take note.

Anyway Im sorry if that seemed a little unfair but hey I hope you take this grilling as a opportunaty to move on rather than hold a phychopathic grudge against me for the rest of my life.

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