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Blobb 2 Demo
Author: Rik Submitted: 31st December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 157

This is a demo of my upcoming sequel to Blobb. I would love to hear any feedback. In the last game many people complained that the speed of the character combined with the small window meant you couldn't see far ahead, and walked into enemies you didn't know were there as a result. I have tried to make up for this by having the window scroll forward so you can see further ahead. I have also used my own platform engine rather than the default one, so I'd like to hear what people think of that. The game will include bosses at the end of each world. This demo consists of the entire first world and the first level from the second world. I'm not entirely sure on the idea of bosses, I'll see if you lot think they are a good idea or not.

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Posted by funkyseaweed 1st January, 2003

cool game!! i like the graphics :)
Posted by Rik 1st January, 2003

Thanks! Anyone got any thoughts regarding what I said above? Also, above it says "Please Note: The server this file is hosted may not allow direct linking, Please right click the link above and choose Save Target as" for some reason: IGNORE THIS. If you use "save target as" you will merely save an HTML page. Left-Clicking the link will work perfectly.
Posted by Alfred Smith 1st January, 2003

Nice game
Posted by Muggus 1st January, 2003've started the 2nd one! That's great to see...i loved the first one... I'll give it a try when I have the time...maybe even a review too!
Posted by DaveC 2nd January, 2003

Not bad at all, the paralax and time bonus were two nice touches. Graphics are pretty good, better then the average click game. Solid custom movement except for when you hold walk against the wall's the walking animation messes up. The scrolling is kind of out of control sometimes, its really fast but you probably wanted a fast paced game. The thing i dont like about it is that you control a BLOB!! WTF is it with click games and blobs/stupid little ball characters. I think you should try to come up with something original, even if it doesn't sound good on paper it could work. Look at mario for example, a fat italian plumber in a platformer game...does it make sense? no, does that matter? what? no it doesnt. its good because its original.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd January, 2003

Its much better than your first effort Rik. The engine was fine, very solid and very tight. Things you ought to consider: Make it full screen Change the paralax graphics to something lighter or darker, its very hard to distinguish between them and the main platforms Lose the blue gradiented sky, it hurts the eyes a bit against all the colours Change the boss height of the plant so its easier to jump on, its practically impossible otherwise. Good work in general, fix those things and you'll have a classic on your hands.
Posted by DaveC 2nd January, 2003

yeh id like to see a nice low res, something like 320 by 240.
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd January, 2003

How do I kill The First Boss? Great Game BTW
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd January, 2003

Done it, Nice game, Nice graphics. The Snow lievel is nicly done, with the snow falling on the ground then fading. The Plant boss was alittle dodgy, since jumping on his head was eithre hit or miss, Carnt Wait For the full version though
Posted by Rik 2nd January, 2003

If you time the jumping onto the boss you can't fail, jump as he starts to make his way down. I might make him less tall and move slower though, as perhaps he is too hard for a first boss. I'm glad everyone has so many good things to say about my game :). The character is a bit pathetic I know... but I think he looks cool whereas if I tried making something more original I would probably have trouble making a character that didn't suck. I hate Mario by the way XD.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 2nd January, 2003

nicely done the whole game has that wacky plok kinda feel to it I love it id give it an 8 if i could be bothered to write a review
Posted by Evil Monkey 2nd January, 2003

Very nice! Very, very, nice! The only thing that ruins it is that you instantly get put back at the start when you die, making it look kind of n00bish. Still pretty cool. :D
Posted by Evil Monkey 2nd January, 2003

And I agree, Mario does kinda suck. :P
Posted by Rik 3rd January, 2003

Hmmm yes maybe I will make a death animation before you get put back at the start.... good point YoshiOfDoom
Posted by Jason Orme 5th January, 2003

You have my Vote for GOTW
Posted by Sly 8th January, 2003

I like this game. =D The paralax scrolling is a nice touch, and not only is it affected horizontally, but vertically too! The graphics are done well, and fit nicely into the game. You've also blended the foreground and background well, and i like the overlapping you've added in with bushes. . etc. . . The custom movement is pretty much solid, though i think you should modify one or two things; -When you turn, the animation's direction changes before the actual direction does. It makes it feel, 'loose', or 'slippery'. -When you fall from a great height, you land *in* the ground, simple bug, easily squished. I'd hate for this game to go full screen on any res', and make the graphics all pixelated. I don't like full screen games, i only tend to play them as a result of boredom. About the character idea? I think it's just fine. I personally hate animating, and alot of people aren't much good at it, and simple solutions work best. =P
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 24th January, 2003

Posted by Rik 26th January, 2003

yay thanks for the review WCB





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