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Review: Blobb 2 Demo
Author: David Newton (DavidN)
Added: 24/01/2003

This has to be one of the best platform engines that I've seen - it went without any bugs becoming apparent during all the time that I played it and it's virtually indistinguishable from the standard Click platform movement, apart from the improvements of course. You can't speed up by rapidly tapping left and right - skidding isn't as apparent as in a Sonic game, but it's there. Jumps are still of constant height, but that didn't become a problem during the game - the levels are well designed enough to work around it. Also, there is no slowdown on landing from a jump.

The game starts in a happy, grassy area, as you'd expect from a cartoony platformer like this one. At first I found the Genesis-style multi layered parallax scrolling in the background absolutely sickening, but it must have been just because I wasn't expecting to see it in a Click game as I soon got used to it. The scrolling is not standard Click scrolling either, shifting around to give you a better view of the level ahead.

The Sonic influence is apparent, but the game plays like a Sonic-Mario hybrid: the levels aren't "flat", but they're for the most part quite linear. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Like in both the games mentioned, enemies are dispatched by a swift bop on the head accompanied by a comical "boink" noise, but in this game you also get a Blue Sparkly Thing(TM) whenever you take one out. These can also be collected in slightly hard-to-reach places in the level.

The only real problem I had was with the first boss, an angry-looking giant purple flower, which seemed a little hit-and-miss at first (you have to jump on his head at the moment when its animation reaches the lowest point above the ground) but I got used to the timing, and didn't die once I'd worked out how to hit him. It was then on to a snow level before being taken back to the title screen.

A couple more minor points, though: The counters at the top of the screen seem a little out of place, but I assume they're only temporary for the demo. Also, you're replaced immediately once you die, with no animation - just a loss of a life. Again, this is most likely temporary.

To sum up, it's a top quality platformer with SNES-style gameplay and graphics, and at this size it's definitely worth downloading. I'm certainly looking forward to the full version of this...

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