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Author: Rik Submitted: 1st November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 177

Edited By Rik on 11/4/2002

Edited By Rik on 11/4/2002

Blobb is a platform game where you control Blobb the Blobb. The aim is to collect as many stars as possible. Stars can be found lying around the levels, by killing enemies or by reaching the end of a level quickly. the game consists of three worlds each with three levels of ever increasing difficulty. Look out for secrets such as hidden stars or extra lives to help you.

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Posted by Matt Boothman 2nd November, 2002

Looks cool, d-loading (now).
Posted by Muggus 2nd November, 2002

Hey hey! Looks gnarly! Might give it a try!
Posted by Muggus 2nd November, 2002

Nice...I smell a review coming on!
Posted by AndyUK 2nd November, 2002

looks good! like a nes game with more colours im downloading as i write
Posted by Rik 2nd November, 2002

yay nice review muggus! I see what you mean by some of the problems, i.e the platform movement. I've since started a new game for this 4-colour craze and for the first time have tried making my own platform movement, which seems to be working quite well. If I ever make a Blobb 2 then I may well use my own. Glad you all like it so much! :)
Posted by Muggus 3rd November, 2002

Yeah...great work...keep it up! A sequel would sik! could probably add some more kickarse features to that
Posted by Rik 3rd November, 2002

hmm what sort of features?
Posted by Alfred Smith 7th November, 2002

The blob guy is too fast.. hard to play as
Posted by The Chris Street 11th November, 2002

Grrr...I really want to play this, and I've downloaded it about 12 times or so, and every time its an invalid archive...
Posted by Rik 31st December, 2002

I think the speed just takes some getting used to Alfred, many people have said this, but everyone who I know who has played it quite a few times has grown to like the speed. People have recommended slowing down the sequel, but I feel this would be stupid as I'd have to make up a stupid storyline like uhh Blobb ate too many burgers and cant run fast no more, or something. Also, I tried playing it after slowing it down and I didn't like it. It was too sluggish. It would be like Sonic going slower, or Samus not being able to roll into a ball, or Mario using a stupid water gun thing. Oh hang on.. Nintendo actually did that last one.
Posted by Jamesbuc 5th June, 2003

yeah I agree the speed of Blobb makes it what it is A classic Kilk game :D :D :D :D XD
Posted by Rik 25th January, 2004

Thanks Jamesbuc!! XD






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