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Dark War II
Author: Blueskull Submitted: 19th September, 2002 Favourites:1
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 2236

Blue Skull Entertainment

The dark army is rising again, and you are the only defence line. You are a troop of an secret organization called DWX. DWX was founded during the first encounter with the demons.(play "Dark Wars"!)

DWII is a side-scroller with lots of enemies and devastating weapons. In "Campaign" mode you comlete missions and buy more weapons alone, or with your friend in a 2 player cooperative play. In "Survival" mode you just try to stay alive, as long as possible.
There are many weapons to choose from including automatic shotgun, flamethrower, classic railgun, grenades and many others.

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Posted by Oka 19th September, 2002

The screenshot is pretty small. But the game is awesome. People, download this for gods sake!
Posted by Stian B. 19th September, 2002

I played it a little now,and still have it on my HD :) Great work,Blueskull !
Posted by Simdrone052 19th September, 2002

WOW! Rikus, you NEED to put this on the front page, one of my favorite klik games ever. GREAT job! This game as hauntingly similar to my Dark Aftermath game, except for the fact that you used 3D models, and mine has scrolling. EVERYTHING is top quality, awsome particle effects, and it kept me busy for two hours. I never got to a boss though, are there any? The closest thing that I came across would be the big black monster with claws.
Posted by matrixkitty 19th September, 2002

this game jicks ass!
Posted by matrixkitty 19th September, 2002

this game kicks ass!
Posted by Heriberto Valle Martinez 19th September, 2002

Awesome, i like it a lot, good job, you make great effects too!
Posted by Beau 19th September, 2002

This is a really good game. I will review it as soon as I get a bit further through it. I am beginning to feel some drag in the later levels and am curious to see if it stays fun after awhile of play
Posted by Jason Orme 19th September, 2002

Wow, this game sure as hell KICKS ASS! This diserves GOTW Maybe you should make another mode though, like Arcade Mode which is like Metal Slug, 1 big scrolling shooter, that would totally kick ass!
Posted by Buster 19th September, 2002

Whoa! Good Stuff!
Posted by Oka 19th September, 2002

It is pretty short, if you find the games boss hard, use the grenaderifle.
Posted by Oka 19th September, 2002

I finished this months ago, but I really got to download this again :)
Posted by Wompo 20th September, 2002

I downloaded this couple of weeks before it had been put here. This game's brilliant, though for some reason I liked the Dark Wars a bit more. :) But still, one of the best games I've seen done with TGF.
Posted by Jason Orme 20th September, 2002

where can i get the first 1?
Posted by Hplkopra 20th September, 2002

This is the best games I've ever seen made with the TGF. I hope this gets GOTW!
Posted by Oka 20th September, 2002

here is the first one
Posted by Oka 20th September, 2002

It is also great. Good work Blueskull.
Posted by David 20th September, 2002

Posted by Haik 20th September, 2002

It“s great:) But I still think the first one was better.
Posted by Oka 20th September, 2002

The first one was longer. :P
Posted by Simon Elo 20th September, 2002

I haven`t played a click game so intensively for a long long time! BLOOD! In short: SUOMI JYRÄÄ! :P
Posted by T.U.G.A. 20th September, 2002

alot like the game Doom Troopers
Posted by 20th September, 2002

Bloody Awesome! Hehehe ;)
Posted by steve 20th September, 2002

Fantastic game. Intense and alot of fun.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 20th September, 2002

This for some reson reminds me of Golden Axe. The thing that hurts the games score is the linear level design. Its still very awsome tho
Posted by Oka 21st September, 2002

Man, you think all is shit, don't you? And yes SUOMI JYRÄÄ :P
Posted by Blueskull 21st September, 2002

Whoa! So much comments.. I know it's short, and it repeats itself, but I ran out of time making it. I can add the first game(Dark Wars) here too, if you like(and if you haven't got it already). Oh, almost forgot: Would you like to see my homepage in english? Se on vielä pelkästään Suomeksi. Thanks,Kiitoksia.
Posted by Simdrone052 21st September, 2002

Posted by Oka 21st September, 2002

Se on vielä pelkästään Suomeksi. It's still only in Finnish.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 21st September, 2002

yes,add the first!
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 21st September, 2002

Good game, this deserves GOTW. Just a few suggestions: 1. More enemies, too repeditive as it is. 2. Make less repeditive, e.g. RPG Elements or vehicles etc. 3. If you fixed up the sound fx (quality) a bit and added mp3 music, it would make a big difference. Overall great game though, a sequel with the 3 features I described would be excellent.
Posted by Hplkopra 21st September, 2002

Yeah. Add the first one. (Vaikka minulla on se jo. :P) And yes SUOMI JYRÄÄ
Posted by S Radley 21st September, 2002

Excellent. Great graphics, sound, I even like the MIDI music. The gameplay is fun, but it can get repetitive. And the boss is way too easy if you have a grenade launcher. XD
Posted by Hplkopra 21st September, 2002

Err... One more suggestion: Make the game faster. Any ways making the game faster?
Posted by Bryunzeel 21st September, 2002

This is a great game and I didn“t knew there“s so many finns around here. :)
Posted by Oka 21st September, 2002

heh* me neither :)
Posted by Oka 21st September, 2002

Hplkopra, siellä on optionssit.
Posted by Pioupiou 21st September, 2002

Bwahahahahhahaha ! this game is really really fun (especially two player mode !) Great work on it, this is an excellent game ! I like it ! ;) Keep up the great work for Dark War 3 ;)
Posted by Įrni Fannar Žrįinsson 21st September, 2002

please do number 3?
Posted by RapidFlash 21st September, 2002

One of the best klik games I've ever played, but some recommendations: More enemies More weapons More levels That's all I have so far.
Posted by T.U.G.A. 21st September, 2002

Posted by Hplkopra 22nd September, 2002

Oka: No ei paljon auta ne asetukset.
Posted by Pete 22nd September, 2002

can anyone tell me some cheats, i can complete about 3/4 of this game.
Posted by Hplkopra 23rd September, 2002

Yeah, I can tell.
Posted by Hplkopra 23rd September, 2002

Yeah, I can tell.
Posted by Hplkopra 23rd September, 2002

Yeah, I can tell.
Posted by Hplkopra 24th September, 2002

Argh! Triple post!
Posted by Oka 25th September, 2002

What the? It's not slow... I thought I had the slowest computer over here :)
Posted by Prototailz 25th September, 2002

TOSI HYVÄ PELI!!!! REALLY GOOD GAME!!!! Suomalaiset ei yleensä osaa tehdä hyviä pelejä (kuten Max Payne XD) mutta tämä on hyvä peli!!!
Posted by pixelscope 25th September, 2002

it's a cool game.. it lacks too much in the presentation though.
Posted by N.i.k.o. 26th September, 2002

Aivan, Daniel. Mut mä kuitenki luulen että Max Payne ja joku Klik-peli on aivan eri asioita.Oot kuiteski oikeessa, tää on hyvä peli.
Posted by Matt Soto 26th September, 2002

Very Nice! I will go review it in a couple of moments. Very bloody! On some of the catacomb levels use the spikes to kill to conserve ammo. Just fire if there is a skeleton on your platform or when an orc pulls out his guns. How do you beat mission #4? I'm thinking rail gun but what do you think?
Posted by Joshtek 26th September, 2002

That was fun..not as much tactics as id like...but fun nethertheless :)
Posted by Joshtek 26th September, 2002

seems like they should release an editor, more weapons, more diversity...a sequal, yes thatd be grat (made in mmf too ;-))
Posted by Rehan 29th September, 2002

good good good :D
Posted by FlooD 31st October, 2002

Posted by Aleksi Ruuskanen / JAR Production 4th December, 2002

Yes, this IS one of the best klik games ever. Another prove that finnish guys make the best games. Ja sitten vielä niille tumpuloille jotka eivät suomea osaa: Kyllä, tämä ON yksi parhaista klik-peleistä koskaan. Taas yksi todiste siitä, että suomalaiset jätkät tekee parhaat pelit.
Posted by Robert Berry 20th January, 2003

To Aleksi Ruuskanen / JAR Production: ¬¬ - What country you come from makes no difference to how good you are at game design. And try 'More proof'... it might make more sense. This was a great game btw :) Loved it, when's the 3rd one out?
Posted by Jigen 22nd January, 2003

To Robert Berry: Hes from finland. if you dont know where is finland check in middle of Sweden and Russia. Here is that text (ja sitten..)in english: and here is the text for those who cant speak finnish : Yes, this IS one of the best klik games ever. Another prove that finnish guys make the best games. did you know max payne is finnish?
Posted by Smeggy 25th April, 2003

Posted by Finnwolf 25th April, 2003

JD Finnish game makers made max payne
Posted by Jigen 2nd May, 2003

Dark war 1&2 rulez!!!!!!!!! Finland rulez too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kuka on kova, kuka on paha kuin raha!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!? TÄRVÄÄÄJÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 4th May, 2003

uhm...Have you used some kind of library when you did this game?
Posted by Jigen 5th May, 2003

no, he havent used any library jonas isaksson, he used 3d modelling program to model the characters........................................... .......................typerä ruattalainen!!! (toivottavasti ei osaa suomea?!?!?!?!?!?!?!)
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 7th June, 2003

Speak English, not Finlandish...!
Posted by Muggus 13th June, 2003

Nice...i can't believe I haven't downloaded this yet!
Posted by Jigen 15th June, 2003

why i should speak english? var jag får inte tala english?
Posted by Soul Keeper 16th June, 2003

awsome game! Nice work. Maybe i should try the first one. :p
Posted by dobson 17th June, 2003

super game definately the best clik game i have played, could use a few more levels thoug... MAKE DARK WAR 3 !!!
Posted by l)arkone 22nd June, 2003

what's hiw website??? Me wanna download Darkwars1
Posted by Prototailz 4th July, 2003

:D Finlandish. It's finnish. Not finlandish. Darkone: It's
Posted by d(o_o)b 4th September, 2003

Posted by d(o_o)b 4th September, 2003

Posted by Lewis 6th May, 2004

cant get any better i reacon, its a really smashin game. well done. i love the graphics. one bug i did notice is that the layers of the charictars on 2 player mode overlap wrong. and when looking right at the groulnd the charictar does this wiered leaning back thing. but who cares really its a really cool game. keep it up. all my family love it. thumbs up to u.
Posted by ß | ų ų Š _ (/\) ! $ ţ 10th February, 2005

VERY nice action game!!! the best part for me is when u jump with a shootgun and blow up the head of the monsters until u touch the floor!
Posted by Z-link 5th August, 2005

Vaya juego, mas que nadad lo concidero como un impresionante titulo de accion, el hecho de que sea repetitivo se recompensa con la amplia variadad de armas y la increible accion a cada momento! Yo lo veo como un exelente titulo!
Posted by 11th December, 2006

Lol awesome comment ^_

Haha three years late, and in spanish :'D
Posted by --Tom-- 23rd May, 2009

This was a pretty awesome game, someone needs to re-upload it.

Okay, managed to find a download link, only downside is this game is pretty repetitive. Still great fun though.
Comment edited by --Tom-- on 6/4/2009





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