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Review: Dark War II
Author: Mitch M
Added: 01/03/2003


DARK WAR 2 By AkuAli Software Copywright 2003

Iía am a aKu and I am here to write a revieuw on how SUPERBE Dark War 2 is... X)
Itís really the best TGF game Iíve ever played...

Dark War 2 is a shooter with many cool guns and features to keep you playing for hours. The way you can aim up and down is tremendiously engined... And weapons are brilliant... See how much I like this game?...


This game is a combination of some great gameplay featured with cool engines and as I said great aming stile... I donít have any clue how he ( or ( god may now ) she ) did that with TGF... I work with TGF too though.. The enimies are cool and everything in the game is nicely animated.. The graphics are cool and 3D looking.. Guns well modeled. ( I gues all is modeled. ) Landscapes are cool and sky and backgrounds too..
Menu is great... The way they made the guns
I like the most. You can choose from multiple guns which you can buy from money that flies from dead enemies... ( dont ask me ) In the beginning you choose your head, with or without helmet and/or hear.. You can type your name and start with 5000 $ to buy some shit to blast some shit. As you get closer to the end you need more weapons and the enemies begin to raise in numbers and get wings... Damn.. X)
This is really a game worth trying and itís not even that big a size eather.. You can play it in a few ways... Survival, One or two players...
You really should try it... There are 9 missions which all come to the same ending... You in a shitload of blood, gore and puke... ( A normal being would puke after drinking the shit coming flieng to your face.. It could be red. It could be green.. The wont stop killing.. Iím getting outa hand.. This almost doesnít make any sence anymore... Sorry ....

AkuAki Writed this revieuw for the #1 TGF game... !

Copywright 2003...

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