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Review: Dark War II
Author: X-Member4065
Added: 22/06/2003

Demons, skeletons, and other dark forces are invading again, and you have to try to stop them. You belong to organisation named BWX, witch defends eartf from dark forces. So equip with weapons and kill 'em all! You are the only hope.

Dark War II is propably the best Tgf game I have played. The graphics have rendered from 3d models, so they look really awesome. Animations are really smooth and music fits the game very well. Sound effects are good too. Blood effects are very cool. When I saw it the first time, I did not believe that it was a TGF game. The plot isn't maybe the best possible, but there is seldom a good plot in shoot 'em up-style games like that.

In this side-scroller game you can shoot monsters alone or with your friend in two player game. There is also survival mode, where you have to stay alive as long as possible. Weapon arsenal is big. There are shotguns, laser gun, flamer, submachinegun railgun, grenades, grenade rifle, etc. You can modify graphical effects, so the game works on slow computer too. And you can even modify command keys.

If you die, the game is not over, but the number of enemy sectors increase. When you have cleared all sectors, you have to defeat boss. Only bad thing in this game is shortness. In the best condition you have to clear 5 enemy sectors, the boss and that's it. However, the game is still really good and entertaining. (For those who like blood, blood, and blood. ) I recommend it for all psycopates, who like to kill monsters all day long.

So, that was it. Dark War II is very good game. (to be a TGF game.) Well done Blueskull!!

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