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Review: Dark War II
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 09/04/2003

Hello everybody,
awwwwww maaaan this is one hell of a good game just goes to show that the Klik community is still producing kick a$$ games!
Here's a bit of math for ya:


This has to be one of the most best action games on the DC! it's action packed with all sorts of monsters and stuff and loadsa gore too! Whey-hey!
The menu screen looks very futuristic and war-type. The music is fair, I wouldn't say that it's that great. The sound effects are amazing! But I could of sworn that you got them off doom because they sound the same.
The graphics are just pure amazing, hey if there was any sunny levels that'd be cool. The graphics literally are breathtaking....for a DC gamr! superb! Obviously a lot of time spent on these. There are an arsnel of weapons that you can use to blow monster hands,heads,and legs of! SWEET! The level layout is good and the monsters sometimes walk into the spikes!
The levels are great, with some really gloomy backgrounds very interesting. The game is very fst paced always watch your back! There could be monsters lurking around everywhere! The multiple selection of weapons really dp help. I would definately say that DARK WAR II beats DARK WAR I anyday but I strongly reccomend that you get the first one, before downloading the second one just to get the feel of things.
And... Dont moan cos u got 56k cos its worth it trust me!

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