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Review: Chokoban Demo
Author: Max
Added: 02/09/2002

Been a while since I've wrote a review on this site... so I'd just seize the opportunity of getting back to my old habits by reviewing this


Since I never played Sokoban, I dunno if the graphics really do justice to the original game, but the graphics in Chokoban do the job. The main player looks a bit weird though, perhaps he could have a cleaner look in the final version. The biggest complaint I have about this game is the scoring system, it takes too long to calculate your points/steps taken in the level complete screen. I'd suggest you implant a way to skip the scoring process by pressing a key and counting all points instantly. Music is ok.


Another lovely puzzler...I love puzzle games

In this game, for those of you like me who don't understand what's the aim of this game, you need to shove the blocks on all floortiles without being stuck. The only thing you need to know as the control are the arrow keys, so you can easily get in the game. The levels are nicely designed although they're on the easy side. I hope that the later levels will be harder. I've read comments about a step limit to complete levels, and it would be a great addition which'll add a nice twist to the game.


It's only a 8-level demo, so it doesn't possess much life value yet, but once the full version will be out, this problem shall be taken care of


I've never played the original Sokoban game, and by playing Chokoban I'm now interested to learn more about it . It is a fun simple puzzler which got some good potential ahead. The scoring system is a pain to deal with, but that's the only problem I've had with this game. Download this demo, you'll probably like it.


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