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Chokoban Demo
Author: ruffles Submitted: 31st August, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 164

Help the Chokoguy pack all the chocolates in this Sokoban-style puzzle, with a new themeing.

This is a 8 level demo, and don't have many features the full version will contain.

To play this game just move Chokoguy with the arrow keys. You have 4 lives, which will let you restart the level 4 times. You'll be discounted for the number of steps, and maybe in the full version there will be time, which will give you bonus. Report any bugs you find, and any comment or review is very aprecciated.

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Posted by 31st August, 2002

An ok game I guess, but it takes too damn long to calculate the scores at the end of each level. Spiff up the chokoguy's sprite.
Posted by Poke & Gravy 31st August, 2002

Actually I find this game to be an extremely cool puzzle game. The scoring does take too long. Also, if the theme is chocolate you should still have varied kinds of levels...maybe white chocolate, mint chocolate, M&M. Now I'm hungry. Anyway good work!
Posted by Death Reaper X 31st August, 2002

It's good Raf :) Perhaps make an allowed-steps element to the game to make it more challenging? Keep up the good work :)
Posted by Spug 31st August, 2002

This looks nice. I agree with Alpha, though, Chokoguy's sprite looks... chubby. And add a level editor! :D
Posted by DarrenMcLeod 31st August, 2002

Take out the Score!!! The caculating scores is tooooooo looooooonnnnnnnnngggg
Posted by ruffles 31st August, 2002

Thanks for the comments! Poke & Gravy, with 50 levels I'll make maybe 10 levels for each kind of chocolate, so thanks for the suggestion. And the score calculating will be much faster, if that is really annoying. And with this engine I've made a level editor will be hard for me, but why not try??
Posted by JML Games 1st September, 2002

Wow all nice and constructive comments, you guys are getting better =D
Posted by Faithtoken 1st September, 2002

I almost fell aslepp when it calculated the scores..z..zz.zzzz.zZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Posted by 1st September, 2002

you suck, JML
Posted by JML Games 1st September, 2002

Well there are still a few idiots out there (loads his rifle)
Posted by Erik 2nd September, 2002

You rock JML. You are so right. There are to few constructive critics in this community. Youst look at my download. All they talk about is my choise of compression. So its geating better. Good game. Like the new type of sokoban. Good puzzle game.
Posted by Levi 2nd September, 2002

hahaha you can hit the next level button even though its not visible while the scores are calculating. i definitly suggest a limit on the amount of steps taken, or better yet a limit of the total steps taken in a 'world' or set of 10 levels or something.. then you could go back and redo certain levels to get a smaller amount of steps taken. anyway i suggest that cause the demo was way too easy; i didnt retry once. but its still pretty cool, nice job !
Posted by Ashman 2nd September, 2002

JML is the funniest guy in the world....that rifle crack had me in Cool Game too.
Posted by SoftWarewolf 3rd September, 2002

the game is nice made exept for that horrible complete level screen however the game was way to easy for my huge brainpower :P
Posted by David Evans 3rd September, 2002

Don't like the sounds much.
Posted by Chrisbo 4th September, 2002

it's alright. nobody will ever top brian kent's sokoban 2k






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