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Review: Soccer Freak!
Author: Raincoatduck
Added: 21/08/2002

For those of you downloading this because you're expecting a soccer game, well, you'll be sorely disappointed. Rather, this game is an exercise in mouse movement.

Graphics: In terms of graphics the game is fine, it has nice background sprites and little clouds that fly by. The soccer ball looks fine when the game starts but once it begins to rotate it looks pretty... chunky.

Gameplay: You bounce the ball with your mouse. That's it. It has an online high score list but for me that doesn't make it anymore addictive. It's still just bouncing a soccer ball with your mouse. Remember the Klik and Play game Toyland? The one where you played as a guy on a skateboard, trying to bounce a ball off your head so it doesn't hit the rats on the ground. Well the concept wasn't fun, nor is it now. I really do not see the appeal in this game's mouse bouncing gameplay at all.

Sound/Music: The only sound I could find in the game was that off the mouse hitting the ball. So there's not much to talk about. As for the music, the game comes with a playlist of music. Unfortunately, I found all the songs but one to be really annoying. I tried editing the playlist to play only this one not annoying song and it ended up not playing anything (which was fine).

Overall: All in all, I was confused. I could not figure out what people found appealing about this game. Anyone with the Movement X extension could make this game in less than 2 hours minus the online scoreboard. Overall, this was a very unimpressive game coming from talented people who could have done much better.


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