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Review: Soccer Freak!
Author: Dustin
Added: 19/08/2002

How does that old saying go? "Enjoy the simple things in life." That couldn't more accurately describe Soccer Freak.

The game has the simplist of all concepts. Use your mouse cursor to bounce a soccer ball around the screen, keeping is suspended in the air for as long as you can skillfully do so. Each bounce off the mouse cursor results in one point being added to your score. The longer you keep it in motion, the better your score. It's as simple as that, and Do-jin Nyuu doesn't try to take it any further to prove otherwise. There aren't any secret tactics to be learned here. Just quick reflexes and addictive gameplay.

Along with the simplistic gameplay comes simplistic graphics. You can look at this in either of two ways. The simple graphics are not distracting in any way, however, they do not add anything to impressive visualizations. But then, are impressive graphics needed? The game could have been a black screen with a simple white ball bouncing around and would have still been as much fun.

And finally, the sound. If the gameplay in Soccer Freak weren't so great, I would say this is where the game excels. The music is excellent and fits the game perfectly. Not only that, but you're given a selection of tracks to choose from when playing, which you can change whenever you feel like it. I believe you can even create your own playlist to use within the game, although I have yet to test this feature out. Very impressive, nonetheless. The music even fades out when the ball is out of motion.

Do not let this game's simplistic look and features sway you from playing it. Download it now and give it a go. Soccer Freak will have you coming back time and time again to beat your highest scores.


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