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Review: Soccer Freak!
Author: MasterM
Added: 19/08/2002

Soccer Freak is a really great Arcade game! Good job. The music artists have done a great job. Guys you are really talented.
The music is very cool and without this great music the game would bore my after some time.
Nobu you can be proud about your music artist.
Some more clouds would make the game cooler. I mean only one sort of clouds is boring but I like this kind of cloud the “Japanese Cloud” ^-^.
The Only High Score is a really great idea and I am amazed: Akira is a really Soccer Freak. He’s a Hardcore Soccer Freak Score 245!!!!! Nobu can you please tell me the cheat codes
The moo thing is cool, too. Bad luck that nobody is online =(
And now things I don’t like: What the hell is the “Start Key”???
If I press the right mouse button nothing happens.
If I press the left mouse button nothing happens.
If I press both buttons like a fool it works. Do you like to bug me? This is really annoying (Maybe my mouse doesn’t work fine. This is the reason why my score is only 23 shame on me)
Another thing which could be fixed is the name and country input in the options menu. It should be saved.
In the options menu I can only input 2 letters for my country but in the game I can input 3 letters. This is weird.


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