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Review: Ainevoltas 2
Author: Del Duio
Added: 06/11/2009

The point of playing any game really just boils down to one question for me: Is it any fun?Ainevoltas 2 answers with a FUN-derous ďHells ya I am!Ē Yet it is not without some problems here and there.

Ainevoltas 2 is a Metroidvania with simple but effective RPG elements ďtossed inĒ (the developerís own words!) As in most games like this you must grow stronger or collect power ups to advance further into the game. Unlike most games like this Ainevoltas 2 does not contain secret rooms, breakable or false walls, or a decent-sized variety of weapons or treasures to speak of. What it does have it makes the most of and thatís whatís really important anyhow.

You start off as Justin, called to an evil castle to investigate a mysterious skull. Thatís about all of the story actually. Controls are also simple: Attack with your sword and jump. Each enemy you defeat except bats will drop little exp blobs that when collected will give Justin more experience towards his next level. Leveling up is accomplished rather quickly and often an enemy will drop some type of ďsuper blobĒ that grants far more than your average exp gain. Upon leveling up youíll receive 2 stat points to spend on any of 4 skills: Strength (melee damage), Health (max HP total), Recover (HP regen when you squat), and Jump (jump higher). All of these seem to have no limit except Jump which has a cap of 12 (and should be maxed first IMO.) One thing you should know is sometimes youíll get hit by an enemy and itíll cause your recovery move not to work for awhile. This is especially bad since youíll end up using said recovery skill for about 50% of the time youíre playing.

The graphics are well done for what they are but you may occasionally have a weird glitch where the enemies will swap sprites or people will appear in lieu of candles (!) Just exit the game and reboot it and thatíll clear things up. Not really game breaking but it had to be said. While in the castle youíll run into numerous NPCs. Almost all of them say the strangest things but reward Justin with some more stat points. Some nefarious NPCs will even attack you which was cool and really changed things up a bit. Later on if you join the guild you can marry one of the many women scattered around the place. If you do this, wait about 30 seconds and poof youíll get a baby! (For those of you under 10: Yes this is exactly how babies are actually made, so leave your parents alone!) Have junior follow you around like a merc and heíll swing some giant axe around and help old dad take out the trash.

Like I said before there arenít many different treasures to be found. For the most part youíll find books that grant +1 stat point or (very rarely) +2 stat points. There are also magic gems that give Justin bonus powers or exp gains. In the castle are 2 of them which you can equip in one of 2 slots. This doesnít seem so strategic but completing later guild missions gets you the other 2 gems and now you have some choosing to do. The 2nd to last guild reward gives you a 3rd gem slot which I found to be the best treasure of the entire game. When you beat the game youíll most likely be surprised that itís over so quickly. There isnít any kind of warning that youíre about to fight the final boss and after beating him your save file is erased. Sounds crappy right? Not necessarily so. Keep winning the game and youíll have the chance to play through the game again as different characters: Richter from Castlevania fame and Justinís brother with the one leg outside the castleís gate. If you play as Ricther youíll have a secret extra move by pressing up + attack. Youíll use the holy cross / boomerang subweapon from the Castlevania games at the cost of some exp points. This is awesome, as you might expect.

In the end, the gameís positives far outweigh the negatives. Itís a bit hard to play through the thing 2 or 3 times in a row just to see the different characters. I wish there was more variety in the treasures you can collect but the good news is that Alspal (the creator) is working on Ainevoltas 3 which should kick this oneís ass from the sounds of it.

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Posted by Codemonkey 6th November, 2009


Posted by Rikus 7th November, 2009

I can't wait for Ainevoltas 3! Great Review Del!


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