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Review: Ainevoltas 2
Author: Hill Gigas
Added: 17/03/2008

Here is a little gem of a game called Ainevoltas 2. I never played the first in the series but I'm going to add it to my to-do list. In Ainevoltas 2, you follow a little hero with a sword around on his quest to bloodily dismember every rat, bat, walking cat, and slime monster in the castle on his was towards his ultimate confrontation with a menacing albino moose. I know, there IS more to the story, but those are the basics.

Gameplay is very well done, and the rpg elements are extremely fun. You are able to level up your character and earn stat points, then place those points where you want between hp, strength, jump power, and regeneration. You are welcome to place them where you like, but since most secret doors require points in each of those categories, it's good to equally place them after a while. I encountered only one gameplay glitch while I played, but it was a frequent one. The regeneration ability is very flaky. To regenerate, you hold "down" to regain a random amount of life (up to the amount of points you've invested in regeneration) every second. Sometimes this ability will ignore certain values, like if the number lands at +4. Other times it will ignore all numbers. You need to leave the screen and come back to reset this.

Graphics are great, I couldn't ask for more. The castle areas are fun to explore, the enemies are creative and colorful, and the animations are well done. There are lots of particle effects for attacks and powerups, and there is always something new to discover. Well done.

Music and sounds are also excellent. The music fits the game well and adds a good sense of atmosphere. The sound effects are also well done, and accompany the action nicely.

Lastability it high, in that you will probably keep playing until you beat it. The only negative side is that the game is pretty short. I think I encountered three bosses... maybe four. The castle areas are fun to explore, but also linear if your goal is just to beat the game. Of course you can always go back and search for more items! I found two of the four powerup gems, and I have no idea where the other ones are! There are also extra skill points to find in the form of books. There is also a guild/quest system which I never fully understood my first time through, but I may play again and try to get more out of it.

Overall this is a wonderful game, kept from a perfect 10 only by the minor glitch mentioned above and the short length of the game. This is a fun little exploration platformer in the vein of Symphony of the Night with an extremely fun leveling system. I don't remember any other klik game where I would go back and forth between screens killing monsters to level up like I did here. It was fun! Highly recommended for any gamer!

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Posted by Jonathan Lake 17th March, 2008

Good review. I only came across 2/4 gems as well. The Lastability is pretty high because I played through the game twice.
Posted by alastair john jack 18th March, 2008

Thanks so much Shroomlock!
Posted by Hempuli 18th March, 2008

Found everything! 210%

Good review
Posted by ~Zigzag~ 1st June, 2008

Yeah, well I got the HAX exe, so 2100% for me.
Posted by Del Duio 6th November, 2009

The other 2 gems you earn from guild quests. The guild is to the left of the castle, outside in (under?) a mountain.


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