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Review: upslime
Author: Mr G
Added: 25/04/2009

I just had to write a review for this game because maybe the creator could make a better sequel to this game

First of all, their is no presentation whatsoever for this game unfortuanetly. The game has two difficulty selections; easy and normal. I didn't see much of a difference for the controls for the difficulties or the gameplay that much. I only saw minor additions throughout the gameplay only. You could have at least made a catchy menu at the start and a help section describing some stuff we see inside the game. It seems to me that you made this game in no more than an hour or so, which is actually ok considering the simpilicity of the game. But the minor details we see can effect the overall gameplay and the presentation of the game. So I'm pretty much dissapointed.

The gameplay itself is simple. Go to the top of the level to finish it. There is no bonus or extra gimmicks in the gameplay and you may not even know what to do when you first start the game unless you have read the comment the creator had written for the objective of the game. Not much here to tell I guess. But there should have been more stuff to see basically...

The gfx part was simple (like the rest of the game) and it could have been a lot better even if the main character was sligthly made better. Maybe like a realistic slime or somekind. The gfx seem to be done in no more than 5 seconds I presume so I can really comment on the detail and the improvment that it needs. But if the presentation and the graphics are redone, I am seeing a catchy game here.

There were no sound or music (only a tick sound when jumping). If there was a music, even a slow-paced one, I think it would have suited perfectly with the game. Unfortunately I cannot give any points to this part :(

For the lastability section, I played this game for about 15 minutes until I got pretty bored with it. Probably because of the stuff I mentioned in my review not being present at all and such... So if there is a remake/sequel with the developments that I mentioned in my review, this lastability and the playability of the game will dramatically increase ;)

Overall, this game needs a lot of work to be called a "real" game. If the creator takes into consideration the stuff mentioned by me and other reviewers of this game, I presume this game will be a lot more better and playable ;9

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