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Review: upslime
Author: ROZAR
Added: 16/04/2009

This is a platformer featuring a piece of slime. Reminds me of Worms.

The gameplay is actually decent for a QP (Quick made platformer. Means no sound or music.) But he glitches are annoying. I notice you don't have to touch the spikes to de and the game freezes after you lose.

Other than the slime/slug/whatever thing, the backgrounds look pretty decent. This is good work at the finest.

None. But it works.

This game if you don't get annoyed by dieing alot is 34%. Which for this type of game is not bad.

This is a great platformer but there are a few GLITHES to work out and all. As far as I've seen, this is right next to Arnold Adventure in the best recent submitted platformer. So far. Rated "E" Pretty good. Keep trying. You could be the moon master.

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Posted by xrat 16th April, 2009

it shouldnt freeze you just press r to restart
Posted by ROZAR 5th May, 2009

Stiil froze


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