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Review: upslime
Author: Solgryn
Added: 22/04/2009

The game starts off at the first and only level, so not much presentation there.

The gameplay is quite fun. There is only one level though, which makes the score drop. But it's addictive in the form of that you want to complete the level.

The graphics are unique and costum made, the slime sprite is not very fun to look at, but the backgrounds and props are well made.

There is no music, and very few sounds. The lack of music gives the game a unique feel, but could be nice if there was some low music or something.

There is only one level, so not much replay value there. The only replay value is that if you havnt completed the game, you would probably come back for more.

Overall, it's a nice decent game. But it's too small and needs some music.

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