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Review: Knytt Stories
Author: Ecstazy
Added: 18/04/2009

Presentation: Knytt Stories has a very clean yet effective look, nothing is missing but also everything has a reason. The menu gives you just what you need, and the game itself shows a HUD only when you ask it to with exactly what you need to know.

Gameplay: This is the tricky part of the game, people seem to either hate it or love it. I personally think the concept of running around and facing minor platforming challenges is great, some might find it boring. I think most of the lovers just go for a tour in pretty worlds, while also having to face often tricky challenges and reading a good story. Still I think it depends on your mood, I can sometimes play Knytt Stories for hours, while in other times I can't stand the idea of running from screen to screen.

Graphics: Since Knytt Stories is mostly about 3rd party content it's a bit hard to give a definitive opinion in that category. If I look at the levels created by Nifflas and the better levels created by others, I'd have to see it's a good looking game. It's not mind blowing in that aspect, but there are some pretty things to look at.

Sound: This aspect also depends on what the creator of that particular story chose. If I look at the built in tunes then there are some truly magical ones, there are a few in particular that I can listen to over and over, even though they're really short.

Lastability: Definitely the strongest point of that game. There's also a story you haven't downloaded and played yet, and you can always make one of your own. The replay value is virtually unlimited.

Overall this is a unique experience that I think everyone should give a shot, regardless of your likings in videogames. If you don't like it - fair enough, but there's a good chance that you WILL like it and then you're in for a treat...for a LONG time.

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