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Review: Knytt Stories
Author: Muz
Added: 09/11/2008

This game deserves full marks for presentation. There's no other game in the world, not even commercial games that come near to what this game has achieved. It's similar to an orchestra - if you sit there and enjoy it it's great, but those who go around and look for the drum solo won't see what everyone else is appreciating. Everything is brilliant from the level design, the music, the art, and the graphics.

I don't find the "gameplay" to be the main focus of this game. Knytt Stories has typical platformer gameplay, but even then, it stands above average, as you're capable of However, the game is indeed fun. I prefer to keep it at low difficulty to lower the frustration level, but those looking for a challenge could use the more difficult ones.

At first glance, the graphics are simply average, but the animations really bring it to life. This game has become the benchmark graphics that I try to replicate, but as much as I attempt, I still couldn't get it to look as sweet as it does in several places.

The music is excellent for a klik game, making it a benchmark for most other games out there. The music suits the levels perfectly and there's a lot of ambient sounds to improve the atmosphere. Even when repeated, I have never been sick of hearing the same thing.

The game has downloadable levels and a level editor, meaning that it could last far longer than any other klik game. The original level already takes a whole night to win, which is excellent. It is unaddictive, but I find myself constantly opening it up when stressed, even playing a level I've won before. This is what I love about the game - replayability without addiction.

If any game deserves 10 stars, it's this one. There's no other game out there more beautiful than this, no game that has better level design. However, if you're the type of person who likes gritty, tough, games, this is not the type of game for you. Play Knytt Stories as if you were playing a game purely for fun, and you will enjoy it. Try to find out what's good about it and you'll miss what the whole world loves about it.

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Posted by Codemonkey 9th November, 2008

Nice reivew, I love how it goes 7, 8, 9, 10.
Posted by AndyUK 9th November, 2008

"Try to find out what's good about it and you'll miss what the whole world loves about it."

Thats exactly what I did.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 9th November, 2008

It's its innocence. Its atmosphere. Its silence and the feeling that the whole world hates you, and even when you're in a group of villagers you feel vulnerable.

You don't need words to express why this game's good- the game doesn't need any either. It's a 'save the world' scenario but it doesn't blow its own trumpet. Even once you've won there's something eerie about this game.

I believe what makes this game good is the same thing that makes a song loveable. It just gets things RIGHT, even if it is so simple.
Posted by AndyUK 10th November, 2008

It seems like you've gone a bit over the top with this Muz.
No game has better level design? better presentation than any game ever? Animations?

The music is nice i agree totally, very nice haunting sounds. But even then there are click games with better soundtracks.
Posted by Muz 30th March, 2009

Find me another game with better presentation, Andy, and I'll bump the Presentation mark down

It's.. sweet. I don't really like it much on hard, but it's a brilliant, inspirational bit when I play it on easy.

And the soundtracks.. they're dull as hell if you put it in Winamp. But they go along with the game; can't really say how, but it's similar to the way Final Fantasy does it.


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