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Review: Walkie Tonky
Author: Mr G
Added: 08/04/2009

I've seen this game presented on one of my former pc magazines and considerin I've played it long before it was on that magazine, I'm gonna say some words of my own

The overall quality of the game can be obviously seen from the screenshots that are present on the download page if you haven't downloaded it. It has top notch gfx that seemed to be made in flash/photoshop (which I admire a lot). The game itself has a direct objective: to smash your way onwards the city as you control a robot.

The gameplay at first seem ackward to me because I found the controls of the game rather hard. Probably because this game has an original control mechanism which we don't see in most games and I had to spend some time before I could fully master the controls and enjoy the game. Smashing and throwing stuff was pretty fun.

Like in the presentation, the gfx are really nice. I really like these kinds of gfx and it gives an artistic approach to this kind of game.

The sfx/music part was nothing to extravagant in my opinion. There could have been more sfx in my opinion because it seemed to be left behind and I hardly noticed most of the effects or even the music sometimes.

"Smashing and throwing stuff was pretty fun" was the last sentence I said on the gameplay and that is pretty much it for it's lastability. I couldn't find that much fun after the game's repetitive gameplay and I only managed to play this game for a week until I got bored. Because there is no proper story behind it and the game is mostly an engine design in my opinion.

Overall, the stunning gfx and the control mechanism will take a lot of your time for this game and give you some fun. But after that fun time, the game starts to repeat itself because of the lack of story and different confrontations. It was good while it lasted ;)

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