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Review: Walkie Tonky
Author: W3R3W00F
Added: 20/01/2009

The presentation starts out with a ship on the water. Soon after it shows an alien like spacecraft hovering above, opening it's bottom hatch. That's when the robot falls out into the lake. It's rather simple looking but The graphics are amazing! (Kind of a mix between cartoon and retro.)

Overall Presentation gets 7 stars.

The concept is simple- Destroy anything that get's in your way. But the gameplay is far from simple. It's quite a challenge. The arrow keys, WASD keys, or the IJKL keys, moves you around the city. You click to grab things, as long as it's in your reach and at your level. Right clicking makes the robot kick (I've found an afinity for it too. {laugh}) I've also found that when you've picked up a tank, right click to shoot it. Overall gameplay gets nine stars.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning. It has a mixture between cartoonish-retro... Big city look with a slight rustic feeling graphics. (Somehow it reminds me of the powerpuff girls.) It was all very well put together. I can tell this game had alot of effort packed into it. Overall graphics get 10 stars.

The music definitely matched the graphics. It was a bit suddle but that's no prob. The sounds matched as well! (Sorry If this section is kinda short, but I'm not a music critic.) Overall Sound/Music gets 7 stars.

It can definitely last you a while. I haven't even beat the game yet! Like I've said, It's a challenge. Believe me. Overall Lastability gets 8 stars.

This game has a simple concept, but It's got a kick. (Literally. {laugh}) The graphics are Cartoony, retro, Rustic, with a big city feel. The Audio matches the Graphics very well. Though I haven't beat the game yet, From the time I've played it, it's pretty long. For the world's first Walk em up, it's a great start. :) Overall this game gets 10 stars. I totally enjoyed it.

Sound and Music:

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Posted by steve 20th January, 2009

how can you give it 7 out of 10 for presentation,
7 out of 10 for sound+music and only 8 out of 10 for lastability and yet the OVERALL is 10/10!?

The review scores make no sense.

This is not a 10/10 game - I was getting bored after the second go. No offense to the creator - I think it's an amazing piece of software, professional and polished and nice physics but it's not the most playable thing ever and to achieve 10/10 the game needs to be immensely playable and addictive.

Just my thoughts.

Posted by W3R3W00F 20th January, 2009

Your quite right. It is YOUR thoughts. Why are you arguing that this isn't a 10/10 game with me anyway? I have opinions- Take your own for your own example. I also have a different view on the way I rate games, so don't blindly assume everyone sees in your perspective in the way of things. And seriously- Why don't you write a review yourself instead of complaining to me about it? THAT'S what makes no sense.
Comment edited by ωξяξW○○F on 1/20/2009
Posted by Rikus 21st January, 2009

steve if you have a different opinion then please review the game for yourself, nothing really wrong with werewoof's review, here is to more reviews i say
Posted by W3R3W00F 21st January, 2009

Thanks Rikus! I'll see if I can do more soon!
Posted by AndyUK 22nd January, 2009

10/10 is not perfect. Besides the level of subjectivity in most people's reviews means it's not really a reflection on the game more a reflection of their own enjoyment of the game.
Posted by Peblo 22nd January, 2009

I think what steve is saying is that ωξяξW○○F's logic doesn't follow through. Technically, it doesn't HAVE to though.
Posted by W3R3W00F 24th January, 2009

I think his way of seeing things is adding up all of the scores from each catergory to rate the overall score. I look at these in a different way. I rate by opinion for each catergory, and then I rate the overall by opinion again. So really, you don't have to follow logic, Steve. You're not an android. You should simply rate by opinion.
Posted by SyKo 24th January, 2009

Dude, steves right tho. Generally the overall review score is (to some extent) an average of the 5 attributes. It's just the way reviews have worked over the past god knows how many years. Still, s'all geeeewd
Posted by W3R3W00F 25th January, 2009

Well you could call it RIGHT, but really when it comes to opinion we should all see that neither are wrong at any extent. There's really no reason to argue over things being wrong when, in fact, they're both equally right. Some rate this way, some that way. It doesn't really matter which way.
Posted by AndyUK 26th January, 2009

Reviews don't always become the average of the separate scores. Only 5 aspect don't give a good overall roundup of what all games have to offer anyway.

For instance, You might want to give a certain game an extra point because it has wowed you with something really clever code wise.
Posted by Ski 27th January, 2009

People seem to forgetting this is a demo and not the full game.
Posted by W3R3W00F 24th May, 2009

You seem to be forgetting your personal boundaries, sweetheart.


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