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Review: Unknown Game 3938
Author: Stan Flan
Added: 31/01/2004

Okay, just yesterday I found out about this awesome game and now i'm in love with it!

I run a forum at

and i'm trying to get my entire forum
(approx 27 members at the time this
review was written)

I intend to conquer the whole FlannVille 15&77!

FlannVille RULES! ^(^o^)^

Okay, now for the actual review.

Presentation:Erm, well... Nice ;D

Gameplay:At first it was confusing without
knowing where to go and what to do
and all, but after I got a hold of

Graphicskay, it's not 3D and for a 2D game its
not exactly glorious either... But hell,
at least its not some lame text game!

Audiokay, at first the background music was
kinda catchy, but now it's really getting
on my nerves...

RP Value:The replay value of this game is huge!
With all the jobs, Special jobs, bosses,
houses, rugs, wallpapers, etc.etc. You
can go on playing this for weeks!

Overall My final score I have only gotten
it yesterday and I am already telling
everyone I know to join! If you have a
LOT of spare time on your hands, this is
the game for you!

Other: The filesize of the game is quite worth
the fun you'll have playing especially if
you get you're friends to play with you!

Oh yeah! My Flanny name is Stan! Stan da Flan
of FlannVille 5 house 17! (and maybe even 15 if
I can get him to sell it to me) Feel free to drop me a line or visit my house! ^^

Sound and Music:

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