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Review: Unknown Game 3938
Author: Wormware
Added: 25/01/2004

A new Flan game, cool

Well, I will try to give my opinion about this game although I'm not really found of RPG games.
But in this review I don't have to say how good the game is. Only what the good thing about the game are. And there are a lot of good things about this game!!

First: The graphics

The graphics are really LOF (legacy Of Flan) I only played part one (that was the other game released on TGP) But I didn't know that there were that many games made in the meantime! Good. But about the graphics. They are great. The style is unique but I've seen them before. I cannot remember were. It was an RPG game with a wizard, am I right?? Well. All the objects are great. The characters are good too and the game is really colourful. I'm wondering what tool you used to create them...

The game is online. Sometime the game gets a little bit slow (when text objects appear) But the game is really cool online. Leaving messages, earning money etc. Really great. A little bit more interaction could be great because a level has 25 houses and not all the people are online. Never mind.

All the jobs are mini games. Collecting stuff, searching things. etc.
Other games are cool too: Pacflan and that stargame, NICE! And the game itself is more than an average RPG game.

The choices:
I love the choices and the possibilities. The house, the decoration, the pets jobs and other things are really cool. Ýou can do whatever you want!

Online games will be played more than other games I thing especially this one! Playing with many people online is the coolest part. A little bit chatting. Giving information: "'where do you live?' 'In house #12' 'cool'"
And when you're done playing (you want to quit because you've played enough) you've got a good chatroom "

The game is in all aspect original:
-Online choises
-RPG with more options

I think this is a great example for everyone about the way a game should be. This game isn't a RPG clone. It's really something new.

Nice Job!!

Sound and Music:

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