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Review: Unknown Game 3938
Author: Joshtek
Added: 24/01/2004

The author definately put a lot of time into this online RPG, and it is an admirable effort.

Some good ideas have gone into the game, and its got quite a lot to learn (which is a good thing) and do.

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have had enough beta-testing with testers giving feedback, which has lead to quite a few bugs and a less-than-average interface, with annoying little things like the home key taking you away to a different screen when your trying to chat, and it forgetting things you have achieved (such as how much pet food and fruit you have, I believe).

Despte all the bugs, glitches and crashing, this is definately a great attempt at an online Click game, with the main focus being on the furtniture in your house effecting your stats in the battlefield - and jobs to earn money to buy said furniture.

Due to bad planning (or maybe deliberate) everybody starts on the same "instance" of Flanville, meaning the houses there go to whoever gets there first - saying that you can lose your house if you dont play and you can sell your house, so it does have mechanisms to combat this problem.

Now I will examine the different categories that TDC has put for me to rate, and explain my choice.

Bad interface and key-combos, and un-intergrated help give this a low presentation rating.

Fun, but unfortunately the gameplay is hampered by bugs and the home bug which I mentioned earlier. I kinda preffered the fighting of LOF3, but thats just me.

The game doesnt run very well on my 950mhz athlon proccesor, takign ages for me to go into a house (sometimes because I pressed the GO INTO HOUSE button while chatting in the chatbox!)

Pretty good graphics, unfortunately the graphics have not been fully intergrated with the game, resulting in you bumping into things which are supposed to be in the air.

Sound and Music
Not BAD sound and Music, but not amazing.

Pretty lastable, seeing as theres lots to train - Although I dont think it deserves a 10, it is relatively a lot more lastable than most, which is why I gave it that.

The reasons it isnt lastable is the bugs and glitches.

I wanted to make this 8.5, but since I cant I'll go with 8.

Its one of the best in the click multiplayer RPG genre (ofcourse theres SmileyHouse, which is arguably better - but thats released yet)

A great game with potential but plagued with bugs and niggles. If the author works on improving the problems thats in the game, instead of a next version - then it would definately be a winner.

Sound and Music:

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