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Review: State Of Crisis Re-Booted
Author: Matt Boothman
Added: 29/04/2003

You know when you find a game and it's so bad you wanna tell everyone about it? Well this is one of those times.
State of Crisis: Rebooted is excruciatingly bad. The gameplay is awkward and bug-ridden. Graphics are ugly and samey. Title screen is, too put it lightly, the most basic. But to leave it like that would be unfair to Matt, and it gives no idea how to improve it, so I'll go through the points one at a time.
Title screen needs more, and never use default buttons in a game, it looks really unprofessional. Plus, what use is the fake loading screen? It just annoys the player. But on the good side, there is music.
I was considering missing out this section, because in my book, a few badly drawn houses and plain background objects are not graphics. Cos that's all there is. The author should consider using textures at least, and I think the car is library graphics. Plus the car faces right when you stop, so you don't know which way you are facing. The people turn into a lump when you kill them, which is rubbish.
This game has the most bugs in a game ever (probably). The author says in the readme "There is no bugs that I know nore any glitches" !!! How could he miss the fact that when you get out of the car, you can go off screen. Or the fact that you can get stuck in a house? Or that fact that pedestrains walk through buildings? The "missions" are tame and pointless, as is the whole game. Matt really needs to spend more time ironing out bugs and designing levels.

Overall, this game isn't worth your download.

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