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Review: State Of Crisis Re-Booted
Author: Isaac
Added: 29/04/2003

New this week is State of Crisis; Rebooted, crime-wannabe game from the esteemed creator, Matt, of Toilet Troubles and the original State of Crisis fame. State of Crisis; Rebooted attempts to take the best elements of the Grand Theft Auto series and put a Klik flavor into it.
Control is easy enough, with two modes of play; driving your car, and dogging it on foot. In a serious improvement over the first release, your car now has car physics! Great! No more breakneck turns at high speeds.
Gameplay gets an improvement, but not by much, since the addition of 4 all-new missions add a bit of variety, but the city layout is non-existant, which lends itself to a samey feel. The missions arn't even that fun- who here would want to blow up a hospital? You sickos!
Sound and music leave much to be desired, but at least there IS music.....
The overall feel of this game is rather unprofessional, which makes sense coming from one so young in the klik field (12). I'm sure Matt loves this and all his friends think its cool, but the community sites around the 'net require a bit more of EVERYTHING for submissions to be playable. Since this is a re-release of a game, its a plus that at least some of the issues were addressed, but far too few and in between to make a real difference.
All in all, this game reminds me to leave the baked-potato in the oven for the WHOLE 30 minutes, or else all you get is a hard, cold, mush of a potato that leaves you wishing you went for a real meal.

HIGHS; Simple morbid interest makes one try this game.
LOWS; Gameplay is limited; only one (rather bare) level.
FINAL VERDICT; Wait for State of Crisis; Re-re-re-rebooted to come out, then party-hardy.

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