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Review: State Of Crisis Re-Booted
Author: AsparagusTrevor
Added: 27/04/2003

I'm going to try to review this game in the style of someone who cares about hurting people's feelings and gives constructive critisism.

Let's see how it goes.

Firstly, I remember the original upload of State of Crisis, a GTA wannabe with shoddy graphics and presentation, with bad controls and non-existent gameplay. The game got shat upon by just everyone who played it.

Graphics and Presentation
Now the game starts off with a copy of the Rockstar GTA3 intro, which itself parodies the classic Commodore 64 game loading. It sucks here though. The menu screen is as basic as basic can be, not to mention ugly. Now I have a thing where I think that if gameplay does not use the mouse, then the menu shouldn't either. But out of lazyness, a lot of people use mouse menus. A minor gripe I suppose.
The in-game graphics are improved since the last version, but still they are extrememly basic, mis-matched and in mose cases ugly. The car for one, although it looks nice enough, it only has one Static direction, so when the car stops, it will imediately appear to be facing right. This is really confusing, and looks damn ugly. Run over a pedestrian, and they will turn into a red lump. Also ugly. I mentioned in the Zombie Zone review how much I scrutinise gore in games. The terrain consists of solid green for grass and solid grey for roads, and a few obsticles are scattered about here and there.

Sound and Music
The game is packed with midis of rock tunes, such as Linkin Park and Blink 182. And we all know of course, midi versions of real songs suck. There is minimal sound effects during the game, just the basics.

When outside the car, the controls are eight-directional. Then when getting in the car, they change to 32 direction Race-car movement. This is kinda confusing. And back to what I mentioned earlier about the lack of static car direction images. You don't know what way the frickin car is facing when you've stopped cos it always looks like it's facing right.

This game is horrible. I know it's from an inexperienced young newbie, but the cold reality is the game plain sucks. Here's a tip for you Matt, check out the articles on this site for tips on how to polish your games up.


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