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Review: Longbow Fury
Author: Dark One Entertainment
Added: 08/04/2003

Alright I actually though Longbow Fury would be better than what it actually is, there lots of problems you can find in it such as flashing text because the creator forgot to put in on Only Once While Event Loops. Another problem you can find in Longbow Fury is the fact that if you aren't careful you can fall right through the ground, now that doesn't seem too normal does it?

Presentation - It has fairly good presentation, one thing that sets this down from being a 10 is the flashing text, however you can go anywhere and everywhere that the creator intended you to go.

Gameplay - Well nothing too special here other than the fact you run around collecting arrows and shooting them at the enemy creature things in the small but fun platform world. Occasionally if you don't be careful you can fall right through the ground so be careful if you download this. To beat the levels all you need to do is get to the very end of the level.

Graphics - Now here, the graphics are better than anything I could ever do so I'm giving it a 10. They are actually quite good and you could see that in the preview too, that is what made me download it, reading the preview that is.

Sound and Music - Well I hope you don't like listening to music when you play or too many sounds because you won't find that here in Longbow Fury but none-the-less the game is still fun!!!

Lastability - I can definitly tell you that you will play the game atleast once and enjoy it but I don't think you'll want to go back and play the game again, since their isn't really much point.

Overall - Overall I am giving the game a 7 because I believe the creator put lots of effort and time into making this game, and he made it really well other than as I said above, some glitches. But this game is really fun I highly recommend that you download it and play it atleast once!!

- Dark One

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