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Review: Longbow Fury
Author: Eric
Added: 05/04/2003

Presentation: The presentation is pretty clean and somewhat profesional looking at times. Having to wait for the transitions doesnt seem annoying at first but the having to wait for the little bastard to slide all the way across the screen till you can press anything. I personally think that they should go faster. I say this later on as well but the textboxs are weird looking in the sense that the text flashes or twitchs on and off. Probubly because there is an ALWAYS>Set text to:"" Event.

Gameplay: The gameplay is different than average platform games. Instead of just shooting off an arrow straight ahead of them having it never fall or decrease to the ground, there is an arrow slinging physics system. You determine the direction the arrow is shot at and the power thats put into the sling. However sometimes it can get a bit tedius to have to aim at the enemy when its charging at you. It uses a custom platorm engine which is alright but you can sometimes fall through the floor, or ground. And basically you just have to get to the end of each level and collect the arrows to shoot them off and kill off enemies.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty good, there not sloppy or undetailed. I personally liked the graphics style, the textboxs look okay but the text appears to twitch ocasionally. Overall good.

Sound and Music: The sound in this game is fair, nothing really spectacular, just average noises and a Bart Simpsons sample saying "oh man" when you die. The music is fitting to the levels, and reminds of the good old sega channel days.

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