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Review: Longbow Fury
Author: Zap{Zapdude Productions}
Added: 05/04/2003

hello, Longbow Fury, not a bad game although it does run slightly slow on my computer which has ok specs. Anyway I was very impressed with the graphics, not because they were slightly crap but because they were actually hand-drawn for one yipee! Longbow Fury's graphics reminded me a bit of Yoshi's island because of the pencil drwaings they use on their. The water animation is poor, and could of have been improved perhaps having it drawn on paint. I really like the firing system for arrows, again a bit like yoshi's island with the eggs (did you get any ideas from Yoshi's Island by any chance??) Although you cannot aim down on Longbow Fury. The games music is cheesy and was really getting on my nerves so I just turned the speakers off. I like the bit where you have to shoot the target. I founda bug I had 2 lives, and then once I lost one I died (very strange indeed). Also as ruffles mentioned I too fell thorugh the floor on my first go so I just decided to avoid that area. Another thing about the graphics, there are always some mountains in the background I mean is Birdock constantly just made up of mountains!!!
Oh and them target blocks look more like sushi than little target thingy majigs. You have too many platform bugs man these are starting to make the game really annoying now. Oh and great stuff just try and change the backgrounds a bit more ok?

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