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Project: Blob III (Blob's Adventure 3)
Project Started: 7th August, 2009 Last Update: 7th December, 2009
Project Owner: Solgryn Project Members:
Project Type: Adventure Game Project Progress:
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Project Archive

December 2009
  Hello again! Some questions for you..

November 2009
  Update video! + more stuffs (Game updater)

October 2009
  New Shooter-Stage + Twitter + Intro
  Long time no see
  Level editor BETA

September 2009
  Level editor beta very soon, maybe tomorrow.
  Beta delayed - NEW STUFF!!! (Bonus levels, bombs, trampoline)
  Level Editor Beta soon... ?
  New Powerup! The Flying cape.
  Some new features
  Level editor update

August 2009
  Level Editor!!!
  Saving/Level Select/Title screen etc. Omgz FEATURES
  Gravity and sheer nonsense!
  Level select alpha + Invis Boxes
  Server! yay!
  Blob III demo!!!
  Sprite Revamps + new enemy!
  New enemy + new skins!
  New Text graphics + music samples + artwork + additions!
  The promised Video!

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