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Project: Thread and the A.L.I.C.E. Machines
Project Started: 19th June, 2008 Last Update: 24th June, 2008
Project Owner: Roseweave Project Members:
Project Type: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Platformer Project Progress:

Project Overview  
Preview Thread is a platformer-like game where you play as a creepily animate ragdoll with psychic powers. Run, jump, and walk really quite oddly through levels while independently manipulating certain objects around you, using them to defeat your enemies or solve small puzzles.

An incredible machine has crashed to earth, spreading strange phenomenon throughout the land. You have to find and stop people who seek to control it for their own ends.

The levels are set in two worlds; one a more fantasy like world, and the other a world like our own. Both are mirror sides of the same planet, with one reflecting the other.

Thread is actually on short-term hiatus until MMF gains global qualifiers or I fix up the events to make copy/pasting more practical. I should be back to it fairly soon.

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By: ~Zigzag~
On: 30th Jun 08, 02:52:46
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The Demo
Posted 23rd Jun 08, by Roseweave 8 Comments
The 23rd hour of the 23rd day of the month has just passed; so it's time to see it in action.

The Story
Posted 22nd Jun 08, by Roseweave 2 Comments
I think the huge wall of text was putting people off, so I'm making a separate section for the story.


Hundreds of years ago; a group of advanced beings, existing in an secret society hidden away from the rest of the Earth; found there may be truth to some of Earth's Stories; fairy-tales and fantastical literature; that had yet gone unseen.

This is what they found; there is another side to of our planet that has gone unseen to most; not a mere pocket of reality, but a dimensionally shifted world mirrors our own; one that is not separate, but an extension of the world we know. A world that greater resembles that of our fantasy, where men come into contact with Gods and Witches and Druids and Airships that appear to be powered by Steam.

Even with this; they reasoned that were powers and abilities rare or unfound even in the Other Earth, that may be used to benefit mankind. If they could recreate and study many paranormal properties; even if they could never be fully understood; they could develop a new Utopian society where technology, magic and nature can co-exist peacefully.

Eventually, it led to them seeking out those who could create A.L.I.C.E. machines - sentient machines with superhuman abilities that could manipulate aspects of space and time, or reality itself.

Many sought to abuse the devices and use them for weapons of war. Many of the A.L.I.C.E. machines took the form of enormous, powerful robots that could be easily modified to have destructive weaponry.

Recently, an A.L.I.C.E. machine crashed to earth with an unknown power not yet seen in a device of it's kind. Many big players in dealing with both advanced technology and the mystical are rushing to find this device and external components that may have dropped during it's fall.

Some have their own idea of creating their own false sense of order; an authoritarian state across both worlds. Thread is a mischievous living ragdoll; created by a mysterious woman called the Seamstress; a creature made from an unknown cloth-like organic polymer with strange mystical properties; most notably telekinesis, which she uses to move her body in absence of bones and muscles. She is one of those who fight against those who use devices and powers like that of the Machines to keep people suppressed.

With the backing of the gods themselves, Thread and her ilk stand to defend the world from a corrupt new world order brought about by the possession of the ultimate A.L.I.C.E. Machine, known only as the Apocalypse Angel. All kinds of strange monsters and men and machines will stand her way.

Armed with her telekinesis, a funky hairdo and a number of mythological weapons and artifacts; you guide Thread through several levels to find and stop those abusing components of the A.L.I.C.E. Machine.
Forest Level
Posted 21st Jun 08, by Roseweave Post A Comment


As of yet un-named Fairytale forest level, with different tress and giant mushrooms.

There are two new enemies of note in this level, the Fruit Hogs, and Fly-a-ma-Jigs, steampunk looking mecha that fly about and shoot at you. Throwing objects at them damages their fragile navigation systems and stops them in mid air.

First Level Screens
Posted 19th Jun 08, by Roseweave Post A Comment
This level is set amongst mountains and caves, where an airship yard is under construction.

In this level, a mysterious gem from the A.L.I.C.E. machine has fallen down and hidden itself in a cave. You have to find the cave and fight with a demented woman, Queen Gemstone, who's taken possession of it.

Also, in the demo, there's a fun little cameo.




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